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Adora-bauble Necklaces


This a gorgeous example of way we should all buy local and support the artists of this world! Very inspiring work.

Style Me Thrifty

[bau-ble: A small, showy trinket or decoration]

I’m currently coveting bold, adora-bauble necklaces. Get it? Adorable + bauble! Let me explain.

Picture a necklace that has a bold embellishment on it — maybe a chunky cluster of beads or a row of sparkly gems — and you have yourself a bauble necklace. It’s a necklace that is meant to be seen. A statement-maker.

Check out some of my current favorite, all under $50, and then challenge yourself to use the word “bauble” in a sentence today. So fun!

Bauble necklaces from Modcloth

Modcloth Pearls of Widsom for $20.99; Modcloth Tidal Crave Necklace for $34.99.

Adora-bauble necklaces

Etsy Teal Cluster Necklace for $50; Etsy Flower & Pearl Necklace for $44; Charlotte Russe Bead Cluster Collar Necklace for $12.50; Kohl’s Simply Vera Wang Jet Simulated Pearl Necklace for $21.

LOFT and Anthropologie necklaces

LOFT Long Fireball Cluster Necklace for $34.99 and Anthropologie Loose Change Necklace for $48.

Limited Stamp Feathers Necklace

The Limited Stamped Feathers Necklace

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