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Happy Supply Hunting leads to Fun creations

It was wonderful to recently find a bead source that inspires. To be honest half or even more of being a good artist and creator is about what supplies you source and come across for inspiration. Recently I wandered into the downtown fashion district of Los Angeles and stumbled across a jewelry supply store that had been there since 1930. To my happy surprise I entered to find about 30 rows of beads and stacked boxes of chains, metal tags and other exciting items! Hundreds of dollars and three hours later I rushed home to start piecing together my found treasures. It was the greatest fun to see what worked and what just was laughable. Here are a few photos of items created that day! (all are available on Etsy for purchase see links below). Please comment with other jewelry supply sources in Los Angeles if you know of any, very helpful!

This fancy statement necklace was inspired by the funky vintage beads found in a back bin of this awesome beads store. The chain was the real score as it was hidden on a top shelf I luckily found it and bought all that was left. The whole necklace came together when I started to hand stamp the tag. The word fancy just came out of nowhere! Once I stamped “fancy” the necklace was inspired and took on new life! Hence the fun and exciting party necklace. I wore one on New Years Eve and felt like I was unique and ready to welcome in the new year with a fancy face! 🙂

Available for Sale on Etsy:

I’m a huge Yogini and anytime there is an opportunity to create balance in life I grab it. These earrings were originally created for a Vegas trip. I wanted something flashy and fun but true to Golden Plume’s organic, unique style. When I was in the jewelry supply shop these triangles jumped out. After taking them home I started playing with the placement and punched out some holes. They fell into perfect place and felt very zen with just a touch of flash. These were fun to wear on such a outlandish trip as to Vegas. Thou, I find them more calming then wild! Either way thou they work and add needed balance to the day.

For sale on Etsy:


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  1. chelsealeighbee

    I am in LOVE with that necklace! So cute!


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