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Late Night Design Flows

The last few days I dove deep into the design side of Golden Plume. Taking a step away from my computer, accounting books and other distractions, stripping away everything but jewelry supplies, tools and my hands. Romantic idea however it took about 10 hours to really get into the groove. The first day consisted of drinking coffee, staring at my collection of  beads, stones, chain etc and realizing I needed more materials to spark a creative impulse. Four bead shops and supplier warehouses later and I was finally  ready to roll. Ready to roll  and get creating at 10pm. 10 pm an hour when most were turning out the lights and getting ready for dreaming hour. I had to remind myself, a wise person once said ‘never stop when you are feeling inspired, it’s a rare and coveted gift you might not always be able to summon at a whim’. So I hunkered down and let the designs flow! Hours rolled on into the early morning as I churned out earrings, rings & pendants. It was magical, stones and wire everywhere. By 4 am I heard the footsteps of my puppy coming to check up on his person, a bit confused he gave me the “ok, I think that it is way past your bedtime” look and with that I realized I needed to shut down the creation flow for a little recharge! To my happy surprise the creative flow returned the following eve. As I slowly come down from the high of creation, I couldn’t be more happy reflecting on the wee hours of the morning with nothing but quiet and flow. Now it’s time for some much-needed sleep!

Here are a few basic photos of the items born from the “flow” (all available on Etsy later tonight):

Exclamation Drop Earrings Blue Puff Jade and Turquoise Stone

Exclamation Drop Earrings- Blue Puff Tiger Eye and Turquoise Stone

Mykonos Copper coated ceramic stud earrings

Mykonos Copper & Ceramic Stud Earrings

Golden Peacock Chandelier Earrings

Golden Peacock Chandelier Earrings

Note: The Mykonos earrings are available in very limited supply due to the special material so keep an eye out on Etsy!

Happy day!


About GoldenPlume

Golden Plume is handmade eco-friendly gold and stone jewelry created in Los Angeles by a small team! WWW.GOLDENPLUMEJEWELRY.COM

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