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Precious Stone Chunk Ring

Amazing how fun rings are to design and create! Today is the first day I posted up some of my handmade rings on Etsy. Finding the stones to use to create these rings is half the fun, seeing them come to life as a ring is the other! These stones were found in a small shop in West LA that had hundreds of stones to choose from. The flat side of the stone was screaming for ring use! When I wear these most people stare since they are so large and fun to flash around on your digits!  To View on Etsy Shop:

Precious Chunk Stone Ring

$18.00 USD

Precious stones in red and orange hues are carefully picked to dazzle upon your digits! Each stone is different and has its own unique character sourced here in Los Angeles. A fun way to express your inner earth child! The band is bronze and adjustable. The weight of the stone is substantial but comfortable for daily wear. Ring can be gift wrapped or shipped in our standard packaging (see photo above).

Ships from United States

United States $2.75 USD $0.25 USD
Canada $4.25 USD $0.50 USD
Everywhere Else $6.50 USD $0.50 USD



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