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Glorious inspiration found in Cape Cod

The stories behind the creation of a piece of jewelry can lend allure and interest to an otherwise simple piece. Recently I got the chance to shoot one of my long time friends in some very sentimental GP pieces. The feeling of having my close friend Laura (pictured above) and the pieces I created dedicated to my mother, was very touching. It made the shoot magical and I felt like the possibilities of creating this line (Golden Plume) were endless.  The necklace pictured above was created using one of  the stones my mother gave me from a special trip to Cape Cod. If you have ever been to Cape Cod then you know the beauty that lies upon their shores. The magical colors of rock lined beaches is awe-inspiring. The rocks there, come to life when wet, exhibiting bright reds and purples, blues and greens, all glistening in the sun as the waves roll over them. The amazing magic of these rocks is that they need water, it’s what makes them turn these brilliant colors. The rock used in this necklace when wet is a vibrant striking color. Amazing what a little water can do?

After the rock dried to the color pictured above, I wire wrapped it with glass and 22K coated beads and gifted my mother with this as a present for the holidays! It was a priceless gift with much meaning. I share with you the Cape Cod Necklace, a reminder that anything is possible with a little magic and great friendships.

*This special limited necklace is available for purchase by visiting The Golden Plume Facebook Page and messaging me ($89): CLICK HERE TO VISIT


About GoldenPlume

Golden Plume is handmade eco-friendly gold and stone jewelry created in Los Angeles by a small team! WWW.GOLDENPLUMEJEWELRY.COM

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