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Branding, bartering and Malibu

After spending the week with no computer keyboard (I cleaned it too furiously and now it doesn’t work :()I have realized it gave me much needed distance from the world of Etsy and social media to breathe and really focus on inspiration and the branding of my line golden plume in my own world.

A few things dawned on me over this technology-less week:

1. Branding is far more complex then I ever gave it credit. The real idea behind it I discovered was to make my label 100% cohesive and jive with everything golden plume. Including logos, photos and my mission statement not to mention what matters most, the jewelry.
2. Secondly I got to thinking It probably is smart to source some of the work out to other talented people. In the past I always took on more then was smart simply because I knew/thought I had the skills to do it all!
I’m realizing that that spread my talent too thin. So rather then photograph, create the logos & handle the social PR aspect of my line I have decided to delicate it out to others on a barter type arrangement. For instance I’m helping a seriously professional photographer shoot a bat mitzvah in exchange for her help and equipment for shooting my jewelry line. As for the etsy banner, logos and our main logo I’ve enlisted a group of talented art students to draw their best crack at it in exchange for credit on blogs such as this one and our website. Finally I’m helping a young up and coming fashion stylist/ pr girl with her blog in exchange for celebrity exposure and contacts in the fashion world! With all this help I feel less like a one man island and more like a thriving metropolis!

3.) Lastly I realized with all this time away from the computer I had time to work on the inner deep inspiration that helps me create Golden Plume Jewelry. Today I filled the day with a wonderful trip to Malibu, driving along the gorgeous Pacific ocean I felt a deep connection to my art and my purpose therefore enriching my brand and mission at Golden Plume.

While I enjoy my Computer connections very much it was nice to have a forced break away to get a perspective on this ride of creating Golden Plume’s look and feel. I’m anxious and excited to reveal my new branding to the world, as all the factors slide into place. For now I’ll just breathe in some more ocean air and begin creating a beautiful life, a beautiful brand, completely inspired.

And now a piece that dawned from this time of reflection:


Blue Rice Magnesite golden wish locket ( more photos and info here) $48


About GoldenPlume

Golden Plume is handmade eco-friendly gold and stone jewelry created in Los Angeles by a small team! WWW.GOLDENPLUMEJEWELRY.COM

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  1. This is incredibly inspiring. I’m starting out on Etsy as well, and I eventually want to do it full time, and it’s refreshing to read that others are where I am (or at least in a developing stage :]). I very much look forward to reading your future posts, and I very much admire your work.


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