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Monthly Archives: February 2012

Stone & Gold = Romance

Do you know that wonderful feeling you have on a romantic summer picnic in a quiet field or when you stroll down a sunny, flower lined street during springtime? Pure bliss. Lately I have been trying to recreate that very feeling within Golden Plume’s spring line. Two things came across my studio when I embarked on this creation journey: Gold & Quartz. The combination of dainty gold and happy, pretty Quartz was magic; just the right balance of a summer fling and a flowery escapade.

Gold & Quartz Dangle Bracelet:

40.00 on Etsy Shop here

Quartz Wire Wrapped Necklace

36.00 On Etsy Shop here

Happy Wednesday ~ dreamers 😉

GP’s Model does the Fishtail

Recently our main model, Whitney as seen all over was featured in a cute and fun video on how to make the ever popular fishtail braid for Forever 21’s website. Check it out here, so exciting, she is such a nice person:

Native American Muse

Native Turquoise Statement Necklace

Lately Native American influences have been speaking to a lot of Golden Plume’s designs. This adornment came in a dream. The exotic Turquoise was sourced at a local gem show. Let this necklace guide you to freedom!

Matching Turquoise ring:

Earth, Water, Air & Fire, Oh my!


Elements Hand Hammered Necklace!

Besides jewelry, I have to admit I’m kind of obsessed with Astrology and the importance it plays in our lives. I just had to make a necklace that represents this passion!

A little accelerated lesson: There are four elements that make up the astrology spectrum: Fire, Earth, Air & Water. Each of the four elements shelters three astrology signs and plays a large role in an individuals attributes. Earth signs tend to be solid and grounded. Water signs can be ethereal and dreamy, constant truth searchers and travelers. Fire signs are simmering at-the-ready stance, as they hunt for things that light them up. Air signs suggest a strong emphasis on thought, ideas and intellectual pursuits of one sort or another. Not everyone believes in Astrology but I’ve been studying people for a long time and chances are when you get along with a friend, co-worker or lover it’s usually because your either of the same element or a complimentary element. It’s no surprise that fire and water signs tend to brawl more than two earth signs, etc. I know you are wondering what element you are and perhaps want to learn more about our Custom 22K gold-plated hand hammered elements necklace, you can do that all here on our etsy shop listing:

Enjoy my FIRE, WATER, AIR & EARTH Friends!


Attention Free-Spirited Men, you like?

A time comes when you realize that men love fashion just as much as women. Most of the opposite sex may not be as vocal about their secret love for fashion as women however they do care and not only do they care they lust! Recently my partner was eyeing a magazine ad for watches. I never thought of him as an accessories man but as I watched him tear out the page and fold it into his pocket, I knew his secret! Something told me he may not get that watch but he would definitely get some GOLDEN PLUME! After playing around with a few ideas I came up with this hammered gold and leather look. We hammered in a few significant numbers and poof the first Golden Plume piece for men, this bracelet, was born.

As of today, he fiddles, he stares at and he plays with his bracelet all day long, I watch, this to me says it all, he’s in love with his new bracelet….. Making my point, men DO like fashion, accessories and of course Golden Plume’s new Men’s Leather & Gold Bracelet 🙂

The importance of supporting handmade jewelry!

Recently a friend and amazing California based blogger wrote on the importance of supporting handmade and local jewelry. This article is full of amazing thought and idea on why purchasing handmade jewelry is so vital to the health of art and artists worldwide. Its a great read:

Golden Plume Jewelry was actually mentioned in it as well! Yay for handmade art! Spread the love and support a local artist today. Have a wonderful weekend!

A weekend of adventure leads to love

As Valentine’s day comes to a close I hope we all received a sense of love in some form.

Over the weekend I had gone to the Santa Monica Gem Show which opened the door to thrilling new materials and suppliers. After spending what felt like days inside the massive labyrinth of endless gems, beads and jewelry supply booths I exited feeling exhilarated, inspired and with bags of the finest materials from all over the world! Valentine’s day is the start of a week-long launch of new and inspiring Golden Plume listings online for sale using this weekend’s assorted treasures. Today we had a wonderful shoot with my friend Laura and the creations! Here are some of the photos from today. Click here to be redirected to our website to shop and browse more photos!: