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Every thursday I plan to feature a super chic fashion shop. After all who doesn’t love discovering new designers and vintage finds? Kicking it off, a design shop aptly named  “And What Else is There.” I caught up with the design team and got some insight into their rad shop! Here’s what they had to say.

Design team:

We got started by our hidden passion of creating something on our own out of the daily corporate day-job routine. We are initially office financial people who want to dress up and look great in what we wear and still look sophisticated.

We started off by inspiring our own wardrobe especially on pants initially and learning from scratch of fabric sourcing and tailoring process. We mostly focus on street wear at affordable price and turn to customize the beauty of clothes to any size or any material. We’re pretty sure that people can wear our pieces on a casual day time til glamming up for a formal nightwear.

As we’re living in the summer zone, we pretty much focus on a lightweight fabrics like chiffon and Georgette to polyester crepe. One of our teammates is now focused in utilizing canvas to make hip bags. Along those lines, we love to collect vintage apparel and accessories and share those finds to our shoppers also.

We always keep inspiration strong and fresh by being educated cyberly, find great contents, travel randomly, snap some photos, and blog about them. We’re also active in our site at and love to take time browsing for other independent design to share the wonder with our audience.

Check out andwhatelseisthere on etsy, click here, enjoy!


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Golden Plume is handmade eco-friendly gold and stone jewelry created in Los Angeles by a small team! WWW.GOLDENPLUMEJEWELRY.COM

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