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Featured Handmade Artist Thursday: Patina Arrow

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Treating her art as meditation, Denmark artist Michala Tønsberg has created a beautiful free-spirited jewelry line named Patina Arrow. Michala draws upon Bohemian, Indie and Native American styles as well as travel blogs to conjure up inspiration for her handmade designs. As a fellow jewelry artist I was impressed with her eco-friendly practices and design incorporating feathers into her fabulous adornments. Here is more from Michala and Patina Arrow:

How you got started?

Patina Arrow began with me as a kid ‘up cycling’ my mom’s clothes, shoes and jewellery. Whilst she wasn’t initially pleased with my creative vandalism, she did recognize that being crafty and creative was something that was totally native to me. Today, 20 years later, being crafty is simply my meditation.

What materials you use?

For my shop, I mainly use feathers, leather, suede and gemstones. I’m heavily inspired by the sustainability movement, and so only purchase cruelty-free or vintage supplies.

What inspires you?

The artistic minds of Bohemians, the nomadic nature of Gypsies, and the animistic roots of Indigenous tribes.

Your favorite pieces?

My  ‘aĸιcιтa’  Peace Sign Earrings

My  ‘мaza cнanтe’  Antique Gold Necklace

My  ‘le мιтa cola’  Boho Friendship Bracelet


My  ‘draвarnι’  Antique Gold Gypsy Hoop Earrings

Any other cool facts about your shop and you as an artist?

In early 2011 I was selected as the lead visual artist on an art project called ‘Howard Glitch’ that was successfully funded through the online platform of Kickstarter. The collaborative experience really inspired me to get in touch with my own roots, and start my own project that captured my love for travel, culture, fashion and arts, and weave them all into Patina Arrow.

For more on Patina Arrow visit these links:!/patinaarrow

Interested in being featured? Email us at 

Featured Handmade Artist Thursday: DreamArt

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Shakespeare said it best when he wrote “life is but a dream.” Ukrainian artists Dmytro and Iuliia live the dream through their carefully and thoughtfully prepared handmade paper cuts. Armed with paper and special tools this team creates fantastical love infused art. We asked the duo a few questions and fell in love with their work! :

How you got started?
Our names are Dmytro and Iuliia and we live in Ukraine. We are creating hand-cut paper silhouettes inspired by nature, life and people who like our works. Paper cuts are made from a single sheet of paper and all of pieces are interconnected.
From our childhood we are fond of creativity. Once, we created a greeting card with hand-cut elements for our friend’s birthday. After that, we took interest in paper cutting art and started creating paper cut silhouettes. But decision about creating our DreamPapercut shop and share our art with other people came to us a half year ago.

What materials you use?
We use different colors of paper but the popular one is black. Also use special cutting mat and knifes to cut silhouettes.

What inspires you?
Our works are inspired by nature, life and people who like our works. To get inspiration we go for a walk to the parks, forests to enjoy the nature. Also we like meet with our friends and spend time talking and having tea. It helps us to relax and get new energy to create original works.

Your favorite pieces?
All paper cuts in our shop are unique, intricate and the most favorite for us. Paper cutting is very amazing process, when at the beginning you just see a piece of paper and after spending several hours/days to cut, paper becomes a beautiful art work. Silhouettes for us are not just a sheet of paper. We put in our works a piece of love, care, kindness, happiness and truly believe that people can feel the same emotions looking at our paper cuts.

What do you do for fun?
We are fond of different kinds of sports, like traveling and try ourselves in painting.

For more and to shop visit:

Featured Handmade Artist Thursday: Spellbinderie

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This week we would like to introduce you to bookbinding artist Karen Rudd and her shop Spellbinderie. After taking a huge leap across the pond to France, in search of more creative endeavors, Karen found her way and her art form. We are very glad she did as her work is beyond wonderful. Using vintage books found in France, Karen gives them TLC and breathes inspiration into them, creating incredible journals and guest books for all of us to pour our hearts into. Here’s more on Karen’s story and her tres chic vintage creations:


Tell us how Spellbinderie came to be? 

Discovering bookbinding came after a huge change in my life that necessitated a new career. In October 2010, I relocated to Lyon, France with my partner. Before moving, we lived in Brooklyn, NY and I worked as a documentary film editor. But he wanted to return to France, to his hometown, a city I had never even visited. And not only would it be a new city in a new country, I didn’t speak French either. I realized before deciding to move that continuing in my field as a film editor would be challenging and difficult but I was ready for a change and open to trying something new. Part of the reason for the move was to get away from big city life, have more time to create with our hands, more time in general. My first few months here were focused on learning French and getting to know my new city but then one day I randomly stumbled on the art of bookbinding. We live in an area where there is a lot of artisans who still work in traditional ways. At the same time a friend in the US was having a lot of success on Etsy selling vintage. I was drawn to the idea of making journals from vintage books and began to learned bookbinding on my own. I opened my shop, Spellbinderie, on Etsy in October 2011.



What’s your design process like?

I start with vintage books that I find here in France. These are old books that are damaged inside but still have some life to give. I then add in blank pages of new paper but also sew in reclaimed vintage paper and illustrations that I collect from the books I cut up. I also reuse the paper for gift wrapping and making paper labels to announce names and wedding date on the first page of the guestbooks. Then I sell off the rest to paper artists and crafters so nothing goes to waste.



What inspires you?

The beauty and craftsmanship of these old books, the stories inside and the incredible illustrations I find, all inspire me. Holding them in my hands, imagining the other hands that held the book so many years ago, that really gets my imagination running and spinning new stories. And I know the stories will continue by me transforming an old book into something unique and special for another pair of hands to enjoy and create in.

What are your favorite creations so far?

I am really proud of these three guestbooks I made (see above). The green one was the first guest book I ever made and came from an old book I’ve had for many years. I think it will be hard to ever find illustrations that perfect for a guestbook and the cover of that book is not only gorgeous, it’s in incredible condition considering It’s from the mid 1800s! The gold book was one of the most difficult as well as enjoyable guestbooks to make. I worked closely with the bride to create it, each of us inspiring the other with ideas. With this book the lace spine idea was created. And the plum colored book was made by request for Etsy. They ordered a guest book to be used at their wedding fair in NYC on April 28. Pretty exciting to say the least!

For more on Spellbinderie visit these links:!/Spellbinderie

Our sale is on now!

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Today is the day! Not only is it Mother’s Day (happy day to you all) but we also get the pleasure of announcing our 33-50% 3 day sale on the groupon like website for fashion and interior design deals. The sale has been a few months in the works, so we are super giddy to share. Our Turquoise Rings have already sold out but no worries there are still lots of,  “california bling” as fab playfully calls our adornments, left to choose from. Cha Cha Check out the great curated sale by by clicking here:

It’s Featured Handmade Artist Thursday! Tzunuum

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Stumbling upon a quirky, out of the box, eccentric and folk inspired design shop has to be the best part of my day! This week the spotlight is cast upon sustainable, up-cycled  handmade adornment shop, Tzunuum. Tzunuum’s England based creator, Raphaela, uses rare vintage materials to create folk inspired frocks and jewelry that are quite special and quite one of a kind. Here’s a little bit behind what makes Raphaela and Tzunuum tick:

How did you get started?

I’ve always been making things. My mother had a toy shop when I was little so I had access to all kind of supplies and broken toys I could then mend or turn into something else. I really started thinking seriously about selling my creations when I discovered Etsy. So I saved up some money and quit my day job. It hasn’t been easy all the way but the freedom of being your own boss is priceless.

What materials do you use?

I mostly use leather offcuts and dead stock or vintage fabric. I strive to design my creations in the most eco friendly way I can. And by producing in small batches, I can keep my creativity at its maximum and keep inventing new pieces.

What inspires you?

People, music, nature and travels are my main source of inspiration but anything can trigger an idea, you just have to know how to listen and where to look.

What’s your design process like?

I create my jewelry and clothing in a very organic way.
I have boxes full of unfinished projects that are just waiting for me to find the right element to finish the piece. I always doodle in my notebooks but most of the time I get my ideas when I’m having a bath or walking in the park. Then I rush at my desk and forget about time!

What do you do for fun?

In my spare time, I work on writing music and I also play the violin in a band called Oh Howl.I love to cook vegetarian food and have a thing for museums, thrift stores and travels.I have a million project and I try to keep things into a reasonable pace, but the fever to create will always be part of my identity, no matter what I do.

For more on Tzunuum designs and to shop visit:

Golden Plume goes fab!

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This Sunday we will be featured on for a three-day 55% off sale. Besides being super-duper excited about the sale we are also giddy over the recent photo shoot we had at two different locations in Los Angeles to use on’s website.

Regalia modeling our Turquoise and Gold Chain headpiece and Turquoise Paw Necklace.

Having national exposure on a heavily viewed website gave us the fun excuse to plan a photo-shoot. Being a film student in my early career, pre-jewelry design, I decided to take the camera and cast a few of my closest girl pals to be the fantastic Golden Plume models. Both ladies work in fashion here in LA, so it was easy to get the perfect outfits for our free-spirited jewelry’s esthetic. The locations were obvious picks as well, a house in the “hollywood hills” with romantic gardens and sweeping views of Los Angeles and of course we wanted to convey the feeling of the California sun and sand, so the beach was the spot to be. Both models had such different and interesting beauty that fit perfectly with their surroundings. The jewelry we chose for them equally matched their vibe and aesthetic. Whitney, a free-spirited modern bohemian woman, looked great in our Rosewood and Gold Chain Headpiece while Regalia, a modern exotic beauty, rocked the Jade and Gold Feather Earrings like no other!

Regalia wearing our Korean Jade and Gold Feather Earrings

Photo-shoots are definitely a load of work between shooting for several hours, making sure the jewelry and vibe of the brand are captured just right, editing all the photos and narrowing down from so many great choices but it’s also so much fun!!! So much fun that we wonder if once the sale is over next Wednesday, if we couldn’t just have another shoot for fun!?! After all who doesn’t love to play dress up, dance around and laugh with good friends?

Whitney having a good laugh in our Cracked Crystal and gold Necklace. Available for over half off this Sunday on

Check back this weekend as we launch the sale! In the meantime here are some more photos of the fruits of our labor:

Whitney is wearing our Rosewood and Gold Chain Headpiece with Turquoise Ring.

Regalia looks absolutely amazing wearing our Turquoise Magnesite Nugget Dangle Earrings.

Featured Handmade Artist Thursday! Luluxo

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For this weeks feature we’d like you to meet a wonderful one of a kind shop called, Luluxo. Luluxo’s creator, Lisa, lovingly designs and sews all her super unique, recycled,vintage inspired frocks. Every piece in her shop is truly one of a kind and amazing in every which way.  Browsing her shop is quite a good time. Here’s a slice of what makes Lisa and luluxo tick:

How did you name your shop?

Lulu is my pet name at the french restaurant my husband and i have been at for the last 13 years, and he makes up the “xo” portion of my shop name!

Tell us a bit about yourself?

I began sewing in the mid 90’s when i received my first (and still main) sewing machine as a gift…lucky me!
within the last two years i really began sewing daily, and it became an outlet i needed… my 14 year old dog had passed away in a tragic way and that made for tough times emotionally.
sewing became my good friend, always there to take my mind somewhere else.

What can we find at luluxo?

I sell mostly upcycled clothing and tee shirt aprons in my shop, with a vintage inspired aesthetic. occasionally, i make vintage reproduction pieces as well and am always buying amazing vintage patterns on etsy!

I also love to reconstruct vintage embroidered mexican dresses, usually making the bottom portion in to an apron and the top in to a blouse or little jacket/bolero!

Any other interesting tidbits?

I’ve always enjoyed being challenged creatively, whether it be writing and performing music, acting, painting, cooking…all the things i’ve dabbled in over the years… now i am completely bitten by the sewing bug and find it to be endlessly challenging and rewarding.
I really love creating a piece in my shop for that someone who just love’s it and must have it, that’s what truly makes me happy owning a shop on etsy…..oh, and we finally moved on recently and got a new puppy 🙂 he is a welcome bundle of love.

For more browsing and shopping luluxo click here


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What a wonderful week of meeting great new fans! A very special thank you to everyone who entered  the giveaway and for sharing your kind words!  To welcome you to our handmade community we’d like to give you a coupon to enjoy on anything in our collection, Yay! Visit here to use this coupon code at checkout:

And now to announce the two lucky winners! Drum roll please……………………………………

Winner #1 of the Golden Triangle Art Deco Dangle Earrings is:

Congratulations Lindsey! We drew your name at random!! You will be receiving your pair in the mail within two weeks!  Please contact us at with your full name and address! Thank you.

And Winner #2  is:

Congratulations Clair V. !!!! Please contact us at with your contact info to receive your pair within two weeks!

VERY EXCITING! We had such a fun time with all of you. We look forward to our next giveaway in the coming months! We also have a few other giveaways in the pipeline with other handmade artists, stay tuned! In the meantime be happy, be  free and be golden!~

Artists unite, celebrity power!

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Recently Golden Plume was accepted into the Artisan Group, a group for handmade artists to gift to celebrities at events like the CMAS and the Oscars. We are so happy to be apart of such an elite and interesting organization for artists to get amazing exposure for their handmade local craft. As of late the group has offered several one-off gifting to celebrities like Ryan Gosling and Jordan Sparks. Garnering great success, many celebrities who receive their gift bags reach out via twitter and other social platforms to thank the artists for their generosity. This is why I’m jumping over the moon with excitement for a fantastic opportunity given to Golden Plume. Tomorrow I will personally create and package a few fab Golden Plume adornments for Ms. Jenny McCarthy! The Artisan Group will be gifting some handmade goodies to Jenny in a few weeks and Golden Plume will be included!! We are very excited for her to receive our pieces and perhaps wear them around town.

Aiming for a simplistic look, since Jenny seems to wear little jewelry in her photo appearances, we have designed a healing stone necklace made of rose quartz for Jenny and of course we will send  her a pair of our Golden Triangle Earrings just for a fun night out.

This is  a great opportunity and we are truly thankful to The Artisan Group. If you get a chance check them out by clicking the icon below, they have some wonderful photos of celebrities wearing handmade items!

Handmade Auction ~

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Like most people, I have dabbled in an auction here and there. Many filled with vintage finds and grandpa’s stamps. Recently I stumbled upon 2012’s version of our parent’s auction. Popular site handmadeology will be hosting a handmade live online auction on May 5th @ 8pm EST .  An online live auction that sells handmade items, could it be any cooler? Exciting to say the very least! If you are in the mood to compete for some seriously awesome swag I’d recommend checking out the information for this upcoming showdown!

click the image to get in on the action. we will see you there!