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Featured Handmade Artist Thursday: Patina Arrow

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Treating her art as meditation, Denmark artist Michala Tønsberg has created a beautiful free-spirited jewelry line named Patina Arrow. Michala draws upon Bohemian, Indie and Native American styles as well as travel blogs to conjure up inspiration for her handmade designs. As a fellow jewelry artist I was impressed with her eco-friendly practices and design incorporating feathers into her fabulous adornments. Here is more from Michala and Patina Arrow:

How you got started?

Patina Arrow began with me as a kid ‘up cycling’ my mom’s clothes, shoes and jewellery. Whilst she wasn’t initially pleased with my creative vandalism, she did recognize that being crafty and creative was something that was totally native to me. Today, 20 years later, being crafty is simply my meditation.

What materials you use?

For my shop, I mainly use feathers, leather, suede and gemstones. I’m heavily inspired by the sustainability movement, and so only purchase cruelty-free or vintage supplies.

What inspires you?

The artistic minds of Bohemians, the nomadic nature of Gypsies, and the animistic roots of Indigenous tribes.

Your favorite pieces?

My  ‘aĸιcιтa’  Peace Sign Earrings

My  ‘мaza cнanтe’  Antique Gold Necklace

My  ‘le мιтa cola’  Boho Friendship Bracelet


My  ‘draвarnι’  Antique Gold Gypsy Hoop Earrings

Any other cool facts about your shop and you as an artist?

In early 2011 I was selected as the lead visual artist on an art project called ‘Howard Glitch’ that was successfully funded through the online platform of Kickstarter. The collaborative experience really inspired me to get in touch with my own roots, and start my own project that captured my love for travel, culture, fashion and arts, and weave them all into Patina Arrow.

For more on Patina Arrow visit these links:!/patinaarrow

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  1. I think it´s beatyful, Michala 🙂 xx Regitze


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