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Featured Handmade Artist Thursday: Bonjour Frenchie

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“My artistic intentions are not to reinvent the wheel or deliver a philosophical message. I am a big dreamer and simply wish to show the world those dreams.” – Jessica Turnbow creator of Bonjour Frenchie

Picture Paris, the city of beauty and romance painted in candy colored hues and you’ll be on the same page as our featured artist of the week, Jessica Turnbow. Venturing outside the norm, Jessica, based in Arizona, is a self-proclaimed dreamer, drawn to using bright colors in unconventional ways.  Her work takes on many forms from graphic design to traditional drawings to driftwood art, all fantastic in their unique ways.

After catching Bonjour Frenchie on the front page of (a major accomplishment) we were hooked on her shop and just had to get our frenchie fix. Jessica gives us some insight into her dream world:

Tell us how you got started? 

As an introvert, I have always found myself most comfortable cruising around my own inner world. I am a big dreamer, inspired by Neon pastels, sorbet colors, Sofia Coppola’s “Marie Antoinette”, travels to Europe and vintage fairy tales. As a little girl, my family took many road trips to California. During those road trips, I would bring my markers and paper and draw the mountains and scenery as we drove by, accompanied by little short stories I wrote to go along with them. I also loved to paint rocks in my favorite colors. The idea of taking something natural and adding pops of color was, and still is, exciting for me, as you can see with my painted sticks!

It wasn’t until 2008 that my passion really came to surface. I travelled to Paris, France and while wandering the streets of Paris, the Louvre museum and Marie Antoinette’s gardens at Versailles, my passion for the Arts really came alive. When I came back, I went back to school, studied Art History and began painting with watercolor. My sister-in-law, who is also an Artist, inspired me to begin selling my work. The rest is history, as they say 😉


What materials are you drawn to? 

I use a lot of Sennelier, MaimeriBlu and Winsor & Newton Artist grade watercolor paints. I use mainly hot press watercolor paper. For my painted sticks, I use natural pieces of driftwood, gathered from different areas of the world. I then paint them with Acrylics and seal them with varnish.


Where does your inspiration come from? 

I am inspired by feminine and natural elements. Pops of color, Neon and sorbet shades and pastels and geometric “tribal” patterns. Sofia Coppola’s “Marie Antoinette” is also a big one, European travels and of course, fairy tales!


Which are your absolute favorite pieces from Bonjour Frenchie? 

My favorite pieces from my shop:×8-art-print-fabric×10-fine-art-digital


Tell us something else about you as an artist. 

I also have a few other Etsy shops! My travel photography store which I share with my best friend, Holly Ouellette. Find us here!
I also have my own little personal photography shop, as well as a store with my amazing boyfriend, (which is still under construction!)

Recently, I have started working with Photoshop more and have been experimenting with strictly digital Art. In the future, I hope to have a lot more digital work in my shop. I am also working on a couple of other exciting new projects, stay tuned!


To learn more about Bonjour Frenchie visit:

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Gratitude and the Zodiac

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Over the past half a year, since starting my handmade jewelry company and selling on, I have had the great pleasure of creating jewelry for a fantastic variety of customers. Some looking for special gifts for friends and loved ones, others a custom piece to help celebrate their special day, and others just looking for a heartfelt and handmade piece of jewelry for their own collection! All of the positive support for our brand really inspires me to wake up each morning excited to design and create!

As a special thank you for a wonderful year thus far, we want to give our 100th customer a custom Zodiac necklace free with their purchase:

As of right now we are 4 sales away from 100! So very close to you becoming the lucky 100~

Good luck to all and THANK YOU for all the wonderful support of our local handmade shop.

Shop our designs and become our 100th customer here:

Featured Handmade Artist Thursday: Corkor

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We are just mad over Portugal based design company, Corkor! From ipad cases to jewelry they make everything from the abundant supply of cork found in their country, talk about eco-friendly! We asked Corkor’s partner Natalia Guerreiro a few questions about their fantastic, good for the earth, line:

How did Corkor get started?
We love nature, recycling, sustainability and ethical style and fashion products, so, we created Corkor with an eco-friendly philosophy with environment in mind.
As Portugal has the largest cork oak landscape in world, we have decided to offer our customers natural, sustainable and eco-friendly products made of cork.

What’s the skinny on Cork?
We use cork, yes, cork from the trees. Cork is a vegetarian leather, it is harvested from cork oak tree every 9 years without harming or killing trees and then the bark regenerates, making it a renewable and sustainable resource.

What inspires you and Corkor? 
The nature, forests, happiness, the world, beauty, fashion pieces, all our pieces needs to be practical, ethical and good to use on a daily basis.

Any other cool facts about your shop and you as an artist? 
We are working with natural color of cork and brown color, we look forward to have other colors in a short period of time, we will also have new pieces, but it is a secret yet. 😉

To catch up with Corkor and see all their fantastic cork creations visit:




A sale for the people by the people!

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My girlfriends and I were sitting around the other day talking about sales and retail stores. Riveting conversation for us coupon clippers, I know. We all agreed that most sales are set in stone by the company that is offering them which makes sense, I suppose. My out of the box  friend, Marcy suggested we change all that by introducing a pick your own item for sale to our customers! Which leads to this new fun idea. As a customer, what item do you want 40% off? Each week we will list a new piece of jewelry for sale and I want your help choosing which one it’ll be! Take a look around our online shop and leave a comment here, on which item you would love to save 40% on. The following week the item with the most comments will be on sale!  Get some help and tell your friends! Each week a new item will be announced here and on our twitter and facebook pages! 

☆☆☆☆☆ This Week’s Sale Item is:☆☆☆☆☆

To kick things off my friends chose this popular bracelet (The African Copper Wrap Bracelet cut from copper beads and thread onto blue leather):

reg 70.20 now 40.20 with free shipping! 

We looking forward to hearing your choices! Click here to decide and don’t forget to comment back here about your choice!

Featured Handmade Artist Thursday: The Joy of Color

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This week we are excited to spotlight, Tel Aviv based artist Yael Berger and her etsy shop, The Joy of Color.  Yael creates extraordinary watercolor paintings and prints, in vibrant happy colors. Her subjects range from abstract, still life, botanical, birds and nautical scenes, all capturing beautiful natural settings in a unique and awe-inspiring way. We are very happy to get to know Yael and ask some need to know questions about all these pretty creations:

How you got started?

I actually started with a clay flower I created for fun and a friend recommend I’ll sell them on Etsy, They were nice but didn’t sell well , so I decided I’ll try selling what love to do most – watercolor painting. To my surprise I got great feedback’s and nice sales.

What materials you use?

I mainly work with watercolors on paper, sometimes I paint with acrylic on paper or Canvas. I bought a professional Epson printer so I can offer my paintings as prints too.

What inspires you?

Actually I find inspiration every were, nature, the kitchen, landscape even a song can trigger an idea for a painting.

What is a favorite piece of your work?

This is a tough question, usually it’s my latest painting.

Any other cool facts about your shop and you as an artist? 
When I was a kid I dreamt of being a famous artists, I’m not a famous artists yet, but I’m so happy that selling on-line my painting are spread all over the world, from Alaska to Australia.

To learn more about Yael and the Joy of Color visit:!/thejoyofcolor!/pages/Thejoyofcolor

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Fit for a dad ~ handmade love

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This Father’s day over 30 dads will receive our custom leather and gold (or silver) bracelet and we simply can’t wait til Sunday when most dads will be receiving their handmade personalized bracelet.

Fathers Day Custom Made Leather and Gold Personalized Bracelet

When I originally created this bracelet, it was made as a gift for my Valentine (he is also my model in these photos). When he opened it he was so touched and absolutely loved the special meaning behind the hand stamped numbers on his bracelet. Since that day he has not left the house without it.

Once I saw how popular the bracelet was among his friends and co-workers, I knew we had to list it for sale so all could enjoy. We even made a womans version so us ladies could share in the fun.

But back to the dads, after all it’s their one day of the year to be treated like kings! When the orders for the mens bracelet kept coming this week and last, we were truly touched by how so many had such thoughtful ideas for their personalization of the bracelet. From children’s birthdays to coordinates where they first became a dad, it really made making the bracelets all the more special. Being apart of such a wonderful moment was absolutely wonderful, it’s why we make jewelry! So many moms and daughters were so excited to create these keepsakes for their pops!

We wish everyone a happy Father’s Day and hope your dad enjoys his new adornment!

If you would like to give your dad this bracelet, there is still time, get your order in by this Thursday 10pm Eastern (Overnight Shipping is available for Father’s Day).

Click here to get your Father’s Day Bracelet

Featured Handmade Artist Thursday: Erica Maree Handbags and Accessories

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Mexico is abundant with vibrant colors and patterns all of which inspire this weeks featured artist, Erica Maree. Setting south from Portland, Oregon Erica and her family relocated to Mexico where she was captured by the beauty of  the traditional Mexican regalia. Her surroundings are evident in the art she creates which illustrate a connection to the lavish and unique embroidery in Mexico. We wanted to know all about Erica and her gorgeous handmade work so we asked!:

How did you get started making bags and accessories?

Erica Maree handbags and accessories started while I was living in Merida Mexico. But the ideas and inspirations evolved as soon as I relocated to Mexico in 2008. I was drawn to the vibrant colors and textures of our new surroundings. My original design came to life when my daughter grew out of a traditional hand embroidered mexican dress and it became my first handbag…the Merida Hobo Bag.

What are your favorite materials to use?

The core material is genuine Mexican hand embroidered items. These embroidery techniques have been around for centuries and handed down through the generations. I up-cycle these items into unique fashion forward handbags and accessories for women.

What inspires you?

Colors, textures, and places that I travel to. Inspirations tend to sneak up on me when I’m least expecting it. That’s’ the moment I love. That “ah, ha” moment in time, when creations and ideas form in my mind.

Do you have a  favorite piece?

It’s hard to choose a favorite, because I love them all. At the present, I’m all warm and fuzzy about the new Sophia fold over clutches made from oilcloth. The texture is great and the bright prints are fun and funky!

Any thing else about you as an artist and your work?

I live work and play in Puerto Vallarta Mexico, and when I’m working on a handbag or accessory in my studio I often think about the unknown artisan in Mexico where my materials originate from. My customers really get a one of a kind piece and the end product and designs are from an unspoken, collective collaboration between me and this unknown artisan. .“In artisanal work there is a continuous oscillation between utility and beauty; that oscillation has a name, pleasure….The pleasure that crafts give us flows in the double transgression: toward the cult of utility and toward the religion of art”….Octavio Paz

For more on Erica Maree and her work visit: 

website –

Etsy Shop

Facebook Page




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Crazy about Turquoise

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This last month has been quite exciting! Between our sale which we sold and created over 70 pieces of jewelry and our creating products for a McDonald’s commercial,celebrities Jenny McCarthy and Nia Peeples and new designs for you, we are putting down the pliers today and resting our little hands for a bit!

This mini timeout has led to some fun reflection and much-needed catch up. Cataloguing all our latest creations, upgrading our packaging design and creating new displays for our market and craft shows have been among this day’s fun tasks. The icing on the cake thou is getting to try on and play with all our TURQUOISE adornments created over the last few months! Turquoise rings, Turquoise necklaces, Turquoise earrings, can we say Turquoise mania! Living near the beach it’s so natural to want to wear such a gorgeous stone but now that it’s summer time I believe everyone could use some Turquoise incorporated into their sun soaked wardrobe! What do you think, to Turquoise or not to Turquoise, that is the question?

To shop our handmade Turquoise adornments click here