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Featured Handmade Artist Thursday: The Joy of Color

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This week we are excited to spotlight, Tel Aviv based artist Yael Berger and her etsy shop, The Joy of Color.  Yael creates extraordinary watercolor paintings and prints, in vibrant happy colors. Her subjects range from abstract, still life, botanical, birds and nautical scenes, all capturing beautiful natural settings in a unique and awe-inspiring way. We are very happy to get to know Yael and ask some need to know questions about all these pretty creations:

How you got started?

I actually started with a clay flower I created for fun and a friend recommend I’ll sell them on Etsy, They were nice but didn’t sell well , so I decided I’ll try selling what love to do most – watercolor painting. To my surprise I got great feedback’s and nice sales.

What materials you use?

I mainly work with watercolors on paper, sometimes I paint with acrylic on paper or Canvas. I bought a professional Epson printer so I can offer my paintings as prints too.

What inspires you?

Actually I find inspiration every were, nature, the kitchen, landscape even a song can trigger an idea for a painting.

What is a favorite piece of your work?

This is a tough question, usually it’s my latest painting.

Any other cool facts about your shop and you as an artist? 
When I was a kid I dreamt of being a famous artists, I’m not a famous artists yet, but I’m so happy that selling on-line my painting are spread all over the world, from Alaska to Australia.

To learn more about Yael and the Joy of Color visit:!/thejoyofcolor!/pages/Thejoyofcolor

Interested in being featured? Email us at


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  1. Such lovely colors and paintings. I love strong colors and Yael really does use them!

  2. Thank you so much for the feature Nita it looks great , xo Yael

  3. I’ve ALWAYS loved the works of Yael!!

  4. Really beautiful work, the colours are amazing and the texture of the image jumps. I swear I could taste the lovely avocado as it came into view on the screen. Very nice post and into to an artist I would love to follow!
    Thanks so much!
    Sari ❤

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