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Malibu Arts Festival

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Last Saturday I had the pleasure of attending a fantastic arts festival in Malibu, California right next to the Pacific Ocean. The location was not the only inspiring beauty situated at the Malibu Civic Center that day. Artists from near and far were gathered around displaying their work with pride and excitement! I was so giddy to walk through each stall and meet the artists who created such amazing and heartfelt creations. Every artist had a deep passion and love of their life and what they were doing and it made me that much more inspired to create my own work.

From suitcase installations to pollock like explosions on canvas each artist was a pleasure to meet and so very passionate about their creations and being in Malibu on that day!

I even made a wonderful purchase of this handmade GOURD purse! A purse crafted from a small gourd the size of a canteen. The husband/wife duo who created this and other purses made from gourd were a happy pair who shared that they work out of their garage in their PJS and enjoy every second of it! The husband does all the cutting and tough work and the wife paints the outside and lines the inside with silk! They were ecstatic to sell this purse to me and you could just tell they were proud of every creation in their stall!

This chess set was another one of my favorite creations of the day. The artist who handcrafts this epic African jungle themed set was a wonderful older man who had a stall filled with iron and metal polished chess sets and figurines! We only wish we could drop the $15,000 for this set! Maybe after a few more sales of our own jewelry will we get this eye-catching creation!

All in all, it was a fantastic day filled with friends, great art and the Malibu nature that is so very iconic and inspiring in itself!  Cant wait for next year!





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