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Reinvented for the Holidays!

Reinvented for the Holidays!

As the holiday season gets close we have been adjusting some of our most popular holiday gifts to make sure they smile even brighter this year. The personalized bracelets have always been a popular holiday gift for dads, husbands and brothers. Customers can personalize their favorite and special names, dates, coordinates and symbols on a customizable palette of either silver or gold, and a selection of several suede colors. We are always striving to make our jewelry durable (especially for the men). After some great feedback we decided to swap out the eye hook with a super durable 14K gold or Sterling Silver lobster clasp that hooks on and wont EVER unhook. SWEET. The bracelet definitely looks pretty amazing now. We thank all our awesome customers for your amazing suggestions and can’t wait to make more of these custom, unique and heartfelt bracelets for the holidays.

Oh and don’t forget we are having a big 50% off sale on our website from Black Friday to Cyber Monday! See our website for details:



Summer oh glorious Summer!

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It’s finally arrived sweet, sweet summer! Our favorite time of year. We have been in the studio creating lots of fun goodies from sunny gemstones and gold plated chain and soft dreamy leathers. Last week we got to venture over to the beach to shoot our newest creations on our rock star model/stylist Whitney.To celebrate we want you to have 20% off orders totaling $100 or more! Enter Code GPISSUMMER at checkout to enjoy your summer savings!   What do you think?SUMMER_2013_MAIN_large





DSC_0256DSC_0107DSC_01835854E9C4-C10E-11E2-9547-8C998FC5F80Fmore on our website 🙂

Silver state of mind



Over the last 6 months we have concentrated solely on creating gold. Whether that be for clients, in marketing our line or simply our mantra. Wildly successful among many, gold is just fun to wear however we couldn’t help thinking that we were leaving something out, that something happen to be silver. Last month we were lucky enough to get a custom order that opened our eyes to the power of silver. We created these triangle earrings as a favor for a customer who already owned the gold version. Ever since then we have been in love! We even listed them for sale on our website. Thus dawned our newest adventures a collection named simply, silver fox. It’s still in its early stages but silver lovers can rejoice to know most of all our creations can be duplicated in silver!


MENS STERLING SILVER PERSONALIZED BRACELET to keep up with our latest silver creations as they come. Contact us for a custom silver order!


Everyday I try to search out new and inspiring visual quotes to read right before creating new designs. They really help me focus and find the depth needed to envision and execute creative adornments for you!  Here is a sampling of some of my favorite ones, hopefully they will inspire you in your own work […]

Sunset = design inspiration

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Last night Los Angeles experienced one of the best sunsets I have ever seen! The colors so rich and other world like I couldn’t help but be inspired to use more color in my designs.

Now we know where crayola got its colors from!

So inspired by color I ran home and created a few pieces that would pop! Like this:

And many more to come! Enjoy the colors of your surroundings!

Handmade Wedding Creations!

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Recently I was contacted to create a set of six personalized wedding bracelets for a bride’s upcoming wedding and I happily said yes! It was very exciting to create these bracelets, the chance to be part of her special day was beyond cool!

The bride opted for the initials of each of her bridesmaids, a heart  (and the date of her wedding on the back) to be hammered into these blonde leather and gold bracelets.

It took over four hours to cut, hammer and cut leather to create these six bracelets but I’m sure happy with the final results and hope the bride will be too!

If you are interested in custom handmade jewelry for your wedding please contact me @ I’d love to help your day be even more special!

We offer a 10% wedding discount on orders of 6 pieces and over.

Also visit our wedding listings on etsy (all can be adjusted to meet your wedding needs!)

Congrats to Anne and all the future brides to be!

Fit for a dad ~ handmade love

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This Father’s day over 30 dads will receive our custom leather and gold (or silver) bracelet and we simply can’t wait til Sunday when most dads will be receiving their handmade personalized bracelet.

Fathers Day Custom Made Leather and Gold Personalized Bracelet

When I originally created this bracelet, it was made as a gift for my Valentine (he is also my model in these photos). When he opened it he was so touched and absolutely loved the special meaning behind the hand stamped numbers on his bracelet. Since that day he has not left the house without it.

Once I saw how popular the bracelet was among his friends and co-workers, I knew we had to list it for sale so all could enjoy. We even made a womans version so us ladies could share in the fun.

But back to the dads, after all it’s their one day of the year to be treated like kings! When the orders for the mens bracelet kept coming this week and last, we were truly touched by how so many had such thoughtful ideas for their personalization of the bracelet. From children’s birthdays to coordinates where they first became a dad, it really made making the bracelets all the more special. Being apart of such a wonderful moment was absolutely wonderful, it’s why we make jewelry! So many moms and daughters were so excited to create these keepsakes for their pops!

We wish everyone a happy Father’s Day and hope your dad enjoys his new adornment!

If you would like to give your dad this bracelet, there is still time, get your order in by this Thursday 10pm Eastern (Overnight Shipping is available for Father’s Day).

Click here to get your Father’s Day Bracelet