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July 26th, 2012 #14

As a true adventurer, this week’s artist has a unique gift for capturing fantastic and stunning places and spaces throughout the world with her camera. Mary Serantoni of Serantoni Designs is in love with telling stories by capturing mystical landscapes and city streets with her lens. We spoke with Mary and asked her a few questions about her magical journeys that lead to these wonderful photos:

How did you get started shooting?

I have been involved in Fine Art and performing arts throughout my life. My interest in Photography emerged while at the American Academy of Art, and as Photographers Assistant at a Chicago performing arts company. It was on Honeymoon in Italy with daily lessons by Dr. Dez, when my obsession became apparent.

What equipment do you use?

I use a NIKON D700, and occasionally borrow the NIKON D3. Fave Lens: NIKON 24-70mm f/2.8. Post-processing tools are my beloved Mac, Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom.

Where does your inspiration come from?

It comes from various sources:
Music – from Classical to Jazz and everything in-between.
Urban cityscapes, streetscenes, and the poetry of Nature.
Prolific Artists such as Edward Hopper, Cezanne, Matisse, Modigliani, Monet, Miro, Klimt, John Singer Sargent, Toulouse Lautrec, O’Keefe, Picasso’s line drawings and David Hockney’s set designs.

What is your favorite piece of work? 

I don’t have a favorite piece, as each image brings me back to that original Aha! moment in time. I do love to track what pieces speak to people, and cherish their little notes of gratitude.

Any other cool facts about yourself as an artist?

As a photographer, I am constantly studying Light and striving to balance the Science with the Art. I create Stories via Fine art photography for Dreamers and lovers of great escapism, Travelogue romanticists, and connoisseurs of the painterly approach by Old World Masters.

For more on Mary and Serantoni Designs visit:




July 19th, 2012 #13

Paulina is todays featured handmade artist and there is good reason for that. As an artist Paulina pours her soul into each creation she makes for Emerald Snow, her online etsy shop. Each piece of her art reflects an inner flame of creativity influenced by central Europe, where she lives, and what looks to be a wildly rich inner self! Enjoy getting to know this truly wonderful artist:

How did you get started?

My name’s Paulina, I come from central Europe, Slovaka. I started with printmaking when I was 17, but with art I started when I was five. Now I’m graduading the Academy of Fine Arts in your capital, where is a well formed tradition of printmaking. So I can tell, that I was influenced my slovak world known illustrators, because when I was child I used to read a lot of books with them illustrations.

I love the physical-ness of printmaking techniques: painting, drawing, scratching, scraping, incising, gouging, sanding, polishing, rolling and wiping ink on the plates and then cranking them through a press.
I love the graphic print quality and the ability to make multiples of a single image; printmaking helps to make collecting original art more accessible to all.

The second part of my work is focused on painting. I prefer acrylic, last time I’m experimenting with a new polygonal shapes of frames, it shifted my work to the another dimension

What materials do you use?

Most of my artworks are focused on printmaking- there I use paper and printing colors, but I love the sketch with markers and pencils as well.
Regarding to painting I prefer painting with acrylics on canvas.

What inspires you?

Random things around me. I love details.
Last time I was strongly inspired by the book of Clarissa Pinkola Estés- Women who run with the wolves.

What are your favorite pieces?

Honestly, I have a deep relationship to all of my works. because all of them was made with love and deep passion. I really enjoy my the very last cycle of paintings which I made on polygonal canvas frames.

Any other cool facts about your shop and you as an artist?

Yes. 🙂 Maybe someone could be interested about my other interests and passions. I love healthy lifestyle; I’m raw foodist, training the martial arts and love travelling!

To learn more about Paulina and Emerald Snow visit these links:


July 12th, 2012 #12

After taking a break from last week to celebrate the holiday we are back with this week’s Boston-based, handmade artist, Sari of SariBlue. As a fellow Artisan Group member ( I have been fascinated with her use of the symbolic Turkish symbol, the”evil eye” in such a stylish and fantastic way. Sari bases her collection around this protective symbol and infuses an earthy, bohemian, causal vibe using handmade eco-friendly glass beads she collects from her trips to Turkey! Sari’s pieces are alive with spirit, positivity and peace and as she points out “There’s nothing evil about it…”

We spoke with Sari to gain insight into her gorgeous collection:

How did you get started creating your fantastic collection?

I have always been someone who simply falls in love with design, of all kinds. Even as a child I was a bit obsessed with shoes, jewelry, buildings, clothing, basically all art forms. I had a relentless curiosity about music and film as well as a tendency to romanticize history. All of these things still hold true today and add to the core of my personality. I am a seeker! I crave gorgeous notions and ideas. In truth, if a day goes by without discovering something of fantastic design value I feel unfulfilled. So how does this relate to me starting my shop and jewelry collection SariBlue? I am also someone who is a pleaser; I want to make those that are important to me happy, my parents, my babies, my sister, my man. Being a pleaser, you tend to “do the right thing” or listen to the advice of others, or elders, to make sure you make everyone else happy…. So I never paid attention to the voice of art in my head, just the voice of reason.

Cutting to 2011 when I had been through the wringer for years, in start-up high-tech organizations, working really hard for others when the roller coaster of the economy finally caught up with me. I was also in the middle of a pretty deep rooted divorce battle, which would wear anyone to the bone.

Being faced with a much scaled back job, which would not be enough to satisfy or support me and now off with my two girls I was a bit of a disaster. My daughters, who at the time were 6 and 7, were so supportive and amazingly intuitive about what I should do. I had told them how much art meant to me and how I would love to have it be a real part of my life. The girls really pushed me to start my own shop, so here I am. My love for Turkish culture and specifically Evil Eye beads, made the decision easy about what the medium should be for my artisan jumping off point.

What materials do you use mainly?

My materials are essential to my shop, they are what make SariBlue. I take the handmade oath seriously and try to use things from small shops when I need to purchase them and work as eco-consciously as I can. SariBlue is a hip, earthy, bohemian wear-it-everyday jewelry collection centered on the power and theory of the universally recognizable symbol the Evil Eye.

I use Turkish handmade glass beads which are made using centuries old traditional methods. Turkish artisans collect recycled glass pieces, mix them with special dyes and melt in their primitive adobe furnaces that burn naturally clean-burning pine logs. They shape the red hot molten glass, fuse colors together and create these amazing beads using only simple hand tools. Every bead fashioned has its own identity, lending every SariBlue piece its own distinctive nature.

I have many friends in Turkey and have been there so often it feels like home. Either I travel to gather the beads directly from the artisans or I have my close friends stop over and get the beads made for me. This personal connection is important. The artisans are an important link to what I do in my shop. Once I have these authentic beads, I create my collection in my shop outside of Boston, MA. I use various findings including Sterling Silver ball chains, Bali Beads, Sterling Earring Hooks and Sterling wire which I use to create my own connections and links. I also added leather components, crystals and various accents beads to help add a bit of pizzazz to some of the pieces.

Most of the nazar boncuğu (Evil Eye Beads) that are well known in the U.S. are not authentically made boncuğu. The most common beads you see are either plastic, machine made, or clearly not a true representation of the Nazar Boncuk. I love the story and history of the beads and how it can bond family and culture together. For me the boncuğu are not something cheap to be purchased from a reseller who purchased them in China or as a low end grab at a counter… Nazar Boncuk are very special adornments. They hold power and protection as well as a symbol for many cultures throughout history. Not to mention these beads are gorgeous works of art. Creating pieces for people that will appreciate the art form is very satisfying and joyful. To love what you do is a gift and creating the SariBlue Collection is a great gift.

What inspires you? 

I often answer this question with: “Everything”…. If you are really looking and content it is true, you can find inspiration in everything and anything. As I mentioned, I adore design, fashion, music, film. Often I will find inspiration for my work in these art forms. Music is critical to me; I need it to be in my creative head space. Also, inspiration for me lately has come very directly from the fantastic artisans I meet. Of course by their lovely work, moreover by their success and ability to be so open with others. So I guess kindness and willingness to share your gift is what is most inspiring to me these days, it is a rare thing and I am lucky to have a great circle filled with people who have this attribute.

Cool facts about your shop and you as an artist?

Sari is pronounced “sutter” in Turkish meaning blonde/blondie/yellow and this is my nickname. My partner Big was the one who gave me this nickname. I have written before that in Turkish culture Blondes are not very common and when I first met Big he would call me Sari or any number of variations of the word in Turkish. It was really funny for him, but was somewhat lost on me until I learned more about the culture and what was so funny about being blonde. It since became the perfect name for the shop. I love the shop name because it is a bit of me, my story and Big’s and how we got here along with “Blue” being the traditional colour of the nazar boncuğu.

I am readying a few exciting things for my shop: Shortly I will have my own online store-front in addition to my Etsy store, I cannot WAIT for this to be completed!

I will also be rolling out a number of new items that include my beloved beads. The items are accessories and I think will round out the collection very nicely!

Get to know Sari and her shop SariBlue even more by visiting these links:!/bigandsari

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June 28th, 2012 #11

“My artistic intentions are not to reinvent the wheel or deliver a philosophical message. I am a big dreamer and simply wish to show the world those dreams.” – Jessica Turnbow creator of Bonjour Frenchie

Picture Paris, the city of beauty and romance painted in candy colored hues and you’ll be on the same page as our featured artist of the week, Jessica Turnbow. Venturing outside the norm, Jessica, based in Arizona, is a self-proclaimed dreamer, drawn to using bright colors in unconventional ways.  Her work takes on many forms from graphic design to traditional drawings to driftwood art, all fantastic in their unique ways.

After catching Bonjour Frenchie on the front page of (a major accomplishment) we were hooked on her shop and just had to get our frenchie fix. Jessica gives us some insight into her dream world:

Tell us how you got started? 

As an introvert, I have always found myself most comfortable cruising around my own inner world. I am a big dreamer, inspired by Neon pastels, sorbet colors, Sofia Coppola’s “Marie Antoinette”, travels to Europe and vintage fairy tales. As a little girl, my family took many road trips to California. During those road trips, I would bring my markers and paper and draw the mountains and scenery as we drove by, accompanied by little short stories I wrote to go along with them. I also loved to paint rocks in my favorite colors. The idea of taking something natural and adding pops of color was, and still is, exciting for me, as you can see with my painted sticks!

It wasn’t until 2008 that my passion really came to surface. I travelled to Paris, France and while wandering the streets of Paris, the Louvre museum and Marie Antoinette’s gardens at Versailles, my passion for the Arts really came alive. When I came back, I went back to school, studied Art History and began painting with watercolor. My sister-in-law, who is also an Artist, inspired me to begin selling my work. The rest is history, as they say 😉

What materials are you drawn to? 

I use a lot of Sennelier, MaimeriBlu and Winsor & Newton Artist grade watercolor paints. I use mainly hot press watercolor paper. For my painted sticks, I use natural pieces of driftwood, gathered from different areas of the world. I then paint them with Acrylics and seal them with varnish.

Where does your inspiration come from? 

I am inspired by feminine and natural elements. Pops of color, Neon and sorbet shades and pastels and geometric “tribal” patterns. Sofia Coppola’s “Marie Antoinette” is also a big one, European travels and of course, fairy tales!

Which are your absolute favorite pieces from Bonjour Frenchie? 

My favorite pieces from my shop:×8-art-print-fabric×10-fine-art-digital

Tell us something else about you as an artist. 

I also have a few other Etsy shops! My travel photography store which I share with my best friend, Holly Ouellette. Find us here!
I also have my own little personal photography shop, as well as a store with my amazing boyfriend, (which is still under construction!)

Recently, I have started working with Photoshop more and have been experimenting with strictly digital Art. In the future, I hope to have a lot more digital work in my shop. I am also working on a couple of other exciting new projects, stay tuned!

To learn more about Bonjour Frenchie visit:

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June 21, 2012 #10

We are just mad over Portugal based design company, Corkor! From ipad cases to jewelry they make everything from the abundant supply of cork found in their country, talk about eco-friendly! We asked Corkor’s partner Natalia Guerreiro a few questions about their fantastic, good for the earth, line:

How did Corkor get started?
We love nature, recycling, sustainability and ethical style and fashion products, so, we created Corkor with an eco-friendly philosophy with environment in mind.
As Portugal has the largest cork oak landscape in world, we have decided to offer our customers natural, sustainable and eco-friendly products made of cork.

What’s the skinny on Cork?
We use cork, yes, cork from the trees. Cork is a vegetarian leather, it is harvested from cork oak tree every 9 years without harming or killing trees and then the bark regenerates, making it a renewable and sustainable resource.

What inspires you and Corkor? 
The nature, forests, happiness, the world, beauty, fashion pieces, all our pieces needs to be practical, ethical and good to use on a daily basis.

Any other cool facts about your shop and you as an artist? 
We are working with natural color of cork and brown color, we look forward to have other colors in a short period of time, we will also have new pieces, but it is a secret yet. 😉

To catch up with Corkor and see all their fantastic cork creations visit:





June 14, 2012 #9

This week we are excited to spotlight, Tel Aviv based artist Yael Berger and her etsy shop, The Joy of Color.  Yael creates extraordinary watercolor paintings and prints, in vibrant happy colors. Her subjects range from abstract, still life, botanical, birds and nautical scenes, all capturing beautiful natural settings in a unique and awe-inspiring way. We are very happy to get to know Yael and ask some need to know questions about all these pretty creations:

How you got started?

I actually started with a clay flower I created for fun and a friend recommend I’ll sell them on Etsy, They were nice but didn’t sell well , so I decided I’ll try selling what love to do most – watercolor painting. To my surprise I got great feedback’s and nice sales.

What materials you use?

I mainly work with watercolors on paper, sometimes I paint with acrylic on paper or Canvas. I bought a professional Epson printer so I can offer my paintings as prints too.

What inspires you?

Actually I find inspiration every were, nature, the kitchen, landscape even a song can trigger an idea for a painting.

What is a favorite piece of your work?

This is a tough question, usually it’s my latest painting.

Any other cool facts about your shop and you as an artist? 
When I was a kid I dreamt of being a famous artists, I’m not a famous artists yet, but I’m so happy that selling on-line my painting are spread all over the world, from Alaska to Australia.

To learn more about Yael and the Joy of Color visit:!/thejoyofcolor!/pages/Thejoyofcolor

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June 7, 2012 #8

Mexico is abundant with vibrant colors and patterns all of which inspire this weeks featured artist, Erica Maree. Setting south from Portland, Oregon Erica and her family relocated to Mexico where she was captured by the beauty of  the traditional Mexican regalia. Her surroundings are evident in the art she creates which illustrate a connection to the lavish and unique embroidery in Mexico. We wanted to know all about Erica and her gorgeous handmade work so we asked!:

How did you get started making bags and accessories?

Erica Maree handbags and accessories started while I was living in Merida Mexico. But the ideas and inspirations evolved as soon as I relocated to Mexico in 2008. I was drawn to the vibrant colors and textures of our new surroundings. My original design came to life when my daughter grew out of a traditional hand embroidered mexican dress and it became my first handbag…the Merida Hobo Bag.

What are your favorite materials to use?

The core material is genuine Mexican hand embroidered items. These embroidery techniques have been around for centuries and handed down through the generations. I up-cycle these items into unique fashion forward handbags and accessories for women.

What inspires you?

Colors, textures, and places that I travel to. Inspirations tend to sneak up on me when I’m least expecting it. That’s’ the moment I love. That “ah, ha” moment in time, when creations and ideas form in my mind.

Do you have a  favorite piece?

It’s hard to choose a favorite, because I love them all. At the present, I’m all warm and fuzzy about the new Sophia fold over clutches made from oilcloth. The texture is great and the bright prints are fun and funky!

Any thing else about you as an artist and your work?

I live work and play in Puerto Vallarta Mexico, and when I’m working on a handbag or accessory in my studio I often think about the unknown artisan in Mexico where my materials originate from. My customers really get a one of a kind piece and the end product and designs are from an unspoken, collective collaboration between me and this unknown artisan. .“In artisanal work there is a continuous oscillation between utility and beauty; that oscillation has a name, pleasure….The pleasure that crafts give us flows in the double transgression: toward the cult of utility and toward the religion of art”….Octavio Paz

For more on Erica Maree and her work visit: 

website –

Etsy Shop

Facebook Page




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May 31, 2012 #7

Treating her art as meditation, Denmark artist Michala Tønsberg has created a beautiful free-spirited jewelry line named Patina Arrow. Michala draws upon Bohemian, Indie and Native American styles as well as travel blogs to conjure up inspiration for her handmade designs. As a fellow jewelry artist I was impressed with her eco-friendly practices and design incorporating feathers into her fabulous adornments. Here is more from Michala and Patina Arrow:

How you got started?

Patina Arrow began with me as a kid ‘up cycling’ my mom’s clothes, shoes and jewellery. Whilst she wasn’t initially pleased with my creative vandalism, she did recognize that being crafty and creative was something that was totally native to me. Today, 20 years later, being crafty is simply my meditation.

What materials you use?

For my shop, I mainly use feathers, leather, suede and gemstones. I’m heavily inspired by the sustainability movement, and so only purchase cruelty-free or vintage supplies.

What inspires you?

The artistic minds of Bohemians, the nomadic nature of Gypsies, and the animistic roots of Indigenous tribes.

Your favorite pieces?

My  ‘aĸιcιтa’  Peace Sign Earrings

My  ‘мaza cнanтe’  Antique Gold Necklace

My  ‘le мιтa cola’  Boho Friendship Bracelet


My  ‘draвarnι’  Antique Gold Gypsy Hoop Earrings

Any other cool facts about your shop and you as an artist?

In early 2011 I was selected as the lead visual artist on an art project called ‘Howard Glitch’ that was successfully funded through the online platform of Kickstarter. The collaborative experience really inspired me to get in touch with my own roots, and start my own project that captured my love for travel, culture, fashion and arts, and weave them all into Patina Arrow.

For more on Patina Arrow visit these links:!/patinaarrow

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May 24, 2012 #6

Shakespeare said it best when he wrote “life is but a dream.” Ukrainian artists Dmytro and Iuliia live the dream through their carefully and thoughtfully prepared handmade paper cuts. Armed with paper and special tools this team creates fantastical love infused art. We asked the duo a few questions and fell in love with their work! :

How you got started?
Our names are Dmytro and Iuliia and we live in Ukraine. We are creating hand-cut paper silhouettes inspired by nature, life and people who like our works. Paper cuts are made from a single sheet of paper and all of pieces are interconnected.
From our childhood we are fond of creativity. Once, we created a greeting card with hand-cut elements for our friend’s birthday. After that, we took interest in paper cutting art and started creating paper cut silhouettes. But decision about creating our DreamPapercut shop and share our art with other people came to us a half year ago.

What materials you use?
We use different colors of paper but the popular one is black. Also use special cutting mat and knifes to cut silhouettes.

What inspires you?
Our works are inspired by nature, life and people who like our works. To get inspiration we go for a walk to the parks, forests to enjoy the nature. Also we like meet with our friends and spend time talking and having tea. It helps us to relax and get new energy to create original works.

Your favorite pieces?
All paper cuts in our shop are unique, intricate and the most favorite for us. Paper cutting is very amazing process, when at the beginning you just see a piece of paper and after spending several hours/days to cut, paper becomes a beautiful art work. Silhouettes for us are not just a sheet of paper. We put in our works a piece of love, care, kindness, happiness and truly believe that people can feel the same emotions looking at our paper cuts.

What do you do for fun?
We are fond of different kinds of sports, like traveling and try ourselves in painting.

For more and to shop visit:


May 17, 2012 # 5

This week we would like to introduce you to bookbinding artist Karen Rudd and her shop Spellbinderie. After taking a huge leap across the pond to France, in search of more creative endeavors, Karen found her way and her art form. We are very glad she did as her work is beyond wonderful. Using vintage books found in France, Karen gives them TLC and breathes inspiration into them, creating incredible journals and guest books for all of us to pour our hearts into. Here’s more on Karen’s story and her tres chic vintage creations:

Tell us how Spellbinderie came to be? 

Discovering bookbinding came after a huge change in my life that necessitated a new career. In October 2010, I relocated to Lyon, France with my partner. Before moving, we lived in Brooklyn, NY and I worked as a documentary film editor. But he wanted to return to France, to his hometown, a city I had never even visited. And not only would it be a new city in a new country, I didn’t speak French either. I realized before deciding to move that continuing in my field as a film editor would be challenging and difficult but I was ready for a change and open to trying something new. Part of the reason for the move was to get away from big city life, have more time to create with our hands, more time in general. My first few months here were focused on learning French and getting to know my new city but then one day I randomly stumbled on the art of bookbinding. We live in an area where there is a lot of artisans who still work in traditional ways. At the same time a friend in the US was having a lot of success on Etsy selling vintage. I was drawn to the idea of making journals from vintage books and began to learned bookbinding on my own. I opened my shop, Spellbinderie, on Etsy in October 2011.

What’s your design process like?

I start with vintage books that I find here in France. These are old books that are damaged inside but still have some life to give. I then add in blank pages of new paper but also sew in reclaimed vintage paper and illustrations that I collect from the books I cut up. I also reuse the paper for gift wrapping and making paper labels to announce names and wedding date on the first page of the guestbooks. Then I sell off the rest to paper artists and crafters so nothing goes to waste.

What inspires you?

The beauty and craftsmanship of these old books, the stories inside and the incredible illustrations I find, all inspire me. Holding them in my hands, imagining the other hands that held the book so many years ago, that really gets my imagination running and spinning new stories. And I know the stories will continue by me transforming an old book into something unique and special for another pair of hands to enjoy and create in.

What are your favorite creations so far?

I am really proud of these three guestbooks I made (see above). The green one was the first guest book I ever made and came from an old book I’ve had for many years. I think it will be hard to ever find illustrations that perfect for a guestbook and the cover of that book is not only gorgeous, it’s in incredible condition considering It’s from the mid 1800s! The gold book was one of the most difficult as well as enjoyable guestbooks to make. I worked closely with the bride to create it, each of us inspiring the other with ideas. With this book the lace spine idea was created. And the plum colored book was made by request for Etsy. They ordered a guest book to be used at their wedding fair in NYC on April 28. Pretty exciting to say the least!

For more on Spellbinderie visit these links:!/Spellbinderie


May 10, 2012 #4

Stumbling upon a quirky, out of the box, eccentric and folk inspired design shop has to be the best part of my day! This week the spotlight is cast upon sustainable, up-cycled  handmade adornment shop, TzunuumTzunuum’s England based creator, Raphaela, uses rare vintage materials to create folk inspired frocks and jewelry that are quite special and quite one of a kind. Here’s a little bit behind what makes Raphaela and Tzunuum tick:

How did you get started?

I’ve always been making things. My mother had a toy shop when I was little so I had access to all kind of supplies and broken toys I could then mend or turn into something else. I really started thinking seriously about selling my creations when I discovered Etsy. So I saved up some money and quit my day job. It hasn’t been easy all the way but the freedom of being your own boss is priceless.

What materials do you use?

I mostly use leather offcuts and dead stock or vintage fabric. I strive to design my creations in the most eco friendly way I can. And by producing in small batches, I can keep my creativity at its maximum and keep inventing new pieces.

What inspires you?

People, music, nature and travels are my main source of inspiration but anything can trigger an idea, you just have to know how to listen and where to look.

What’s your design process like?

I create my jewelry and clothing in a very organic way.
I have boxes full of unfinished projects that are just waiting for me to find the right element to finish the piece. I always doodle in my notebooks but most of the time I get my ideas when I’m having a bath or walking in the park. Then I rush at my desk and forget about time!

What do you do for fun?

In my spare time, I work on writing music and I also play the violin in a band called Oh Howl.I love to cook vegetarian food and have a thing for museums, thrift stores and travels.I have a million project and I try to keep things into a reasonable pace, but the fever to create will always be part of my identity, no matter what I do.

For more on Tzunuum designs and to shop visit:


May 2, 2012 #3

For this weeks feature we’d like you to meet a wonderful one of a kind shop called, Luluxo. Luluxo’s creator, Lisa, lovingly designs and sews all her super unique, recycled,vintage inspired frocks. Every piece in her shop is truly one of a kind and amazing in every which way.  Browsing her shop is quite a good time. Here’s a slice of what makes Lisa and luluxo tick:

How did you name your shop?

Lulu is my pet name at the french restaurant my husband and i have been at for the last 13 years, and he makes up the “xo” portion of my shop name!

Tell us a bit about yourself?

I began sewing in the mid 90’s when i received my first (and still main) sewing machine as a gift…lucky me!
within the last two years i really began sewing daily, and it became an outlet i needed… my 14 year old dog had passed away in a tragic way and that made for tough times emotionally.
sewing became my good friend, always there to take my mind somewhere else.

What can we find at luluxo?

I sell mostly upcycled clothing and tee shirt aprons in my shop, with a vintage inspired aesthetic. occasionally, i make vintage reproduction pieces as well and am always buying amazing vintage patterns on etsy!

I also love to reconstruct vintage embroidered mexican dresses, usually making the bottom portion in to an apron and the top in to a blouse or little jacket/bolero!

Any other interesting tidbits?

I’ve always enjoyed being challenged creatively, whether it be writing and performing music, acting, painting, cooking…all the things i’ve dabbled in over the years… now i am completely bitten by the sewing bug and find it to be endlessly challenging and rewarding.
I really love creating a piece in my shop for that someone who just love’s it and must have it, that’s what truly makes me happy owning a shop on etsy…..oh, and we finally moved on recently and got a new puppy 🙂 he is a welcome bundle of love.

For more browsing and shopping luluxo click here


Apr 12, 2012 #2

As a fellow free-spirited designer I absolutely love Skullptress’s design and positive free-spirited essence. Based in Big Sur, California you can really feel the wonderful northern California energy radiate from the designer, Natalie Madison’s pieces. This is why it excites me to introduce you to Skullptress. Here is what Natalie had to say about her line:

Skullptress is born of pure passion. The designs reflect an exploration into the balance of opposites; light & dark, sacred & mundane, metal to feather, crystal to chain. The jewelry deeply accentuates one’s femininity and grace.

Blessing and sageing the crystals and materials, the mystery shapes the jewelry into bold priestess-like statements mixed with the intention that each piece of jewelry will inspire healing, self-love and personal empowerment. 

I am fortunate to have always lived on the coast, growing up in the mists of forests, fog, ocean sounds and spray. I am inspired by this place where extremes collide, this crashing liquid surf against solid cliffs of rock and stone, bright sun and shadows. These dynamic forces, the textures and impressions created, compel me to create unique pieces of wearable art that express the unique dynamic forces in each of us. 

In each sacred soul, their lives a precious personal expression. Life offers us the opportunity to reveal this essence. Skullptress jewelry is a force for this process. Bringing to life and giving rise to that which is unique and exquisite in each of us.

For more on Skullptress visit:

Facebook :


Now for the fun! GIVEAWAY! 

To Celebrate Skullptress being featured on here on Golden Plume (+ the onset of Festival Season!!) Skullptress is giving away one of their Crystal Coyote Rings!
It’s a gorgeous ring made with a coyote tooth amulet, varying length chain fringe detail & a rainbow crystal.

To enter simply:
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Apr 5, 2012 #1

Every thursday I plan to feature a super chic fashion shop. After all who doesn’t love discovering new designers and vintage finds? Kicking it off, a design shop aptly named  “And What Else is There.” I caught up with the design team and got some insight into their rad shop! Here’s what they had to say.

Design team:

We got started by our hidden passion of creating something on our own out of the daily corporate day-job routine. We are initially office financial people who want to dress up and look great in what we wear and still look sophisticated.

We started off by inspiring our own wardrobe especially on pants initially and learning from scratch of fabric sourcing and tailoring process. We mostly focus on street wear at affordable price and turn to customize the beauty of clothes to any size or any material. We’re pretty sure that people can wear our pieces on a casual day time til glamming up for a formal nightwear.

As we’re living in the summer zone, we pretty much focus on a lightweight fabrics like chiffon and Georgette to polyester crepe. One of our teammates is now focused in utilizing canvas to make hip bags. Along those lines, we love to collect vintage apparel and accessories and share those finds to our shoppers also.

We always keep inspiration strong and fresh by being educated cyberly, find great contents, travel randomly, snap some photos, and blog about them. We’re also active in our site at and love to take time browsing for other independent design to share the wonder with our audience.

Check out andwhatelseisthere on etsy, click here, enjoy!

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