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Ho Ho Ho Hum… The Holidays are here!

As we begin stock up and get ready for the wonderful winter holidays many have asked what can we do for the state of America economy? Single best answer, shop local, look for made in the US labels and always ask vendors where their goods are from! By using these consumer savvy practices we can be sure that America rebuilds this holiday season and we support those at home who need it while scoring some well made super gifts 🙂 If you are in the market for handcrafted items from art to iPhone cases make sure to surf the website and look for US located crafters! We, too, have a great deal of hand-crafted jewelry made right here in Los Angeles, packaged specially for the holiday season. Take a gander at the marvels on our website! Message us with any questions or for custom orders. Above all have a safe and amazing holiday season!

Also we will be having a sweet Black Friday – Cyber Monday Giveaway! Keep it in your calendar. Buy the men’s custom gold and leather bracelet and receive the matching womens version for free! A sweet memento for the holidays!


Silver state of mind



Over the last 6 months we have concentrated solely on creating gold. Whether that be for clients, in marketing our line or simply our mantra. Wildly successful among many, gold is just fun to wear however we couldn’t help thinking that we were leaving something out, that something happen to be silver. Last month we were lucky enough to get a custom order that opened our eyes to the power of silver. We created these triangle earrings as a favor for a customer who already owned the gold version. Ever since then we have been in love! We even listed them for sale on our website. Thus dawned our newest adventures a collection named simply, silver fox. It’s still in its early stages but silver lovers can rejoice to know most of all our creations can be duplicated in silver!


MENS STERLING SILVER PERSONALIZED BRACELET to keep up with our latest silver creations as they come. Contact us for a custom silver order!

Crazy about Turquoise

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This last month has been quite exciting! Between our sale which we sold and created over 70 pieces of jewelry and our creating products for a McDonald’s commercial,celebrities Jenny McCarthy and Nia Peeples and new designs for you, we are putting down the pliers today and resting our little hands for a bit!

This mini timeout has led to some fun reflection and much-needed catch up. Cataloguing all our latest creations, upgrading our packaging design and creating new displays for our market and craft shows have been among this day’s fun tasks. The icing on the cake thou is getting to try on and play with all our TURQUOISE adornments created over the last few months! Turquoise rings, Turquoise necklaces, Turquoise earrings, can we say Turquoise mania! Living near the beach it’s so natural to want to wear such a gorgeous stone but now that it’s summer time I believe everyone could use some Turquoise incorporated into their sun soaked wardrobe! What do you think, to Turquoise or not to Turquoise, that is the question?

To shop our handmade Turquoise adornments click here

Our sale is on now!

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Today is the day! Not only is it Mother’s Day (happy day to you all) but we also get the pleasure of announcing our 33-50% 3 day sale on the groupon like website for fashion and interior design deals. The sale has been a few months in the works, so we are super giddy to share. Our Turquoise Rings have already sold out but no worries there are still lots of,  “california bling” as fab playfully calls our adornments, left to choose from. Cha Cha Check out the great curated sale by by clicking here:

Golden Plume goes fab!

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This Sunday we will be featured on for a three-day 55% off sale. Besides being super-duper excited about the sale we are also giddy over the recent photo shoot we had at two different locations in Los Angeles to use on’s website.

Regalia modeling our Turquoise and Gold Chain headpiece and Turquoise Paw Necklace.

Having national exposure on a heavily viewed website gave us the fun excuse to plan a photo-shoot. Being a film student in my early career, pre-jewelry design, I decided to take the camera and cast a few of my closest girl pals to be the fantastic Golden Plume models. Both ladies work in fashion here in LA, so it was easy to get the perfect outfits for our free-spirited jewelry’s esthetic. The locations were obvious picks as well, a house in the “hollywood hills” with romantic gardens and sweeping views of Los Angeles and of course we wanted to convey the feeling of the California sun and sand, so the beach was the spot to be. Both models had such different and interesting beauty that fit perfectly with their surroundings. The jewelry we chose for them equally matched their vibe and aesthetic. Whitney, a free-spirited modern bohemian woman, looked great in our Rosewood and Gold Chain Headpiece while Regalia, a modern exotic beauty, rocked the Jade and Gold Feather Earrings like no other!

Regalia wearing our Korean Jade and Gold Feather Earrings

Photo-shoots are definitely a load of work between shooting for several hours, making sure the jewelry and vibe of the brand are captured just right, editing all the photos and narrowing down from so many great choices but it’s also so much fun!!! So much fun that we wonder if once the sale is over next Wednesday, if we couldn’t just have another shoot for fun!?! After all who doesn’t love to play dress up, dance around and laugh with good friends?

Whitney having a good laugh in our Cracked Crystal and gold Necklace. Available for over half off this Sunday on

Check back this weekend as we launch the sale! In the meantime here are some more photos of the fruits of our labor:

Whitney is wearing our Rosewood and Gold Chain Headpiece with Turquoise Ring.

Regalia looks absolutely amazing wearing our Turquoise Magnesite Nugget Dangle Earrings.

Two Pairs of Golden Earrings Two Winners.

Honor thy mother.

Mother’s day is nearing and perhaps the question most are asking themselves, what is a special enough gift to give the person who gave them life? Lucky for me, my 50 something, artist mother has come to visit our studio this week and tried on just about everything in sight, handpicking a collection sure to warm a fun-loving, free-spirited, mother’s heart. She left the studio wearing and owning quite the assortment of adornments.

Her picks meld together to form this year’s Golden Plume Mother’s Day Collection to help those looking for the perfect, unique gift suited for a myriad of fantastically wonderful mothers.  To ice the cake we are offering free shipping on any item from this mother curated collection (enter code goldenmother on our etsy site at checkout).

Mother’s Day Collection :

The Amethyst Gold Wire Wrapped Necklace looks fantastic on all our beautiful mothers. 

Womens Personalized Blonde Leather & Gold bracelet is a perfect way to show mom your love. Customize it with initials, dates and beyond!

For the hip artist moms out there who have everything, Gold Painted Round Ceramic Bead Stud Earrings

The Round Cracked Clear Natural Crystal Necklace is for the most elegant of mother's on their day out in the sun or to a picnic in the park.

These Amazonite Dangle Earrings would be gorgeous on any mother!

Rose Quartz Ball Romance Necklace makes a perfect gift from dad.

This Green Prehnite and Purple Lepidolite Healing Necklace makes a special one of kind gift for your earthy nature loving mommas.

The Turquoise and Bronze Feather Necklace is for the fun loving young moms looking for a tres chic adornment.

Personalized Hand Stamped Tag Necklace. Another fantastic personalized adornment. Many a mom has owned this necklace stating her love for her children.

Click images to see more photos and for prices. Click here to view more Golden Plume items for your mom. Orders must be received by May 6th to allow for creating and shipping time. All credit cards accepted via paypal on our site, follow links above to shop. 

Moral of the story. Honor thy mother.