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In the studio

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June is here and summer (for us in the northern hemisphere) is in full swing. I’ve been taking time in the studio to create pieces that reflect the season’s beauty.



Also on tap re-working the studio and creating a functional yet funky space that inspires. Taking my shipping crate displays and some other odds and ends I was able to make a pretty cool space that inspires and helps me create for you daily.


The studio has proved to be the perfect place to teach jewelry making classes as well! Wire-wrapping and laughs = a good afternoon.


If you are in Los Angeles and want to learn techniques to make jewelry shoot me an email:

Happy summer to all!



Boho Chic, a beacon among the chaos

When creating a piece for Golden Plume I usually just get wild and grab every single bead in site, spread them out, pump some Bon Iver tunes, turn the phone off  and experiment! Recently I was asked what goes into my creation process, how do I do it? Stumped at first, I really had to dig deep to get the words out. After all I really don’t draw a design like a typical clothing or shoe designer and rarely do I ever go to a gem show knowing exactly what I need to complete a piece, usually just reaching for eye-catching, unique materials. I would say the only thing that keeps my design process logical and in any sane manner would be the basic ideals under which I breathe & live fashion and style: Boho Chic. When up in the studio pushing around massive amounts of beads, wire, gold, stone and leather on a giant table the one thing that is always in the back of my mind is that the jewelry must live up to the  fun-loving nature of the boho chic lady/man while still being able to wear the adornment out to a fancy party. A tall order to fill but simply envisioning a muse, a simple chic, unique, free-spirited woman helps guide me through the beautiful chaos of the creation process. After all even artists need structure to make it through to the other side and find their way to a complete design:

Happy Saturday.

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