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In The Studio : Creating by hand

For the last year I have created over 1,000 custom pieces of jewelry using my two hands and a set of very great tools! Many nights turned into mornings, listening to bon iver and sia in my Marina del Rey studio churning away new designs and customer orders for my line Golden Plume.

Friends urged me to share the footage we occasionally shot while the mood hit us. Well I have finally pieced together a little thing I like to call the “in the studio” series where I will post a new video once a month of creation inside the studio.

This month for the first “in the studio” let’s focus on  The Blue Sea Glass Necklace, inspired by the beach and sea we live near this pieces is really unique and always gets lot of attention and questions when wearing,  it also happens to take hours to create. My friends and family hung with me and shot some candid video and photos of the creative process that went into spinning gold and cage wrapping locally sourced sea glass to create this beaut.

The result, enjoy!:


DSC_0600DSC_0655 DSC_0589

The Blue Sea Glass Necklace can be purchased here

il_570xN.427075863_1dxc il_570xN.321253087

Start 2013 with a Bang!



We hope you all have started 2013 off with full force! We have decided to take life by the horns and have been creating up a storm in our Marina del Rey studio. Several creations came from the inspiration of winter and the new year (lots of the goodies are now up on our site (



Also, we are pretty stoked to announce we are having two HUGE SALES. The first starts today and lasts until February 5th on – a nifty “be good to yourself” fashion and beauty sale site. Visit our sale here ( and save 50%+ on anything on our website. Yay!
Secondly look for us on starting February 17th. We will be listing a few of our most popular necklaces for sale at seriously drool worthy deals.

Wishing you your own force of inspiration in 2013~

Visit our Bloomspot Sale (

Screen shot 2013-01-27 at 9.15.04 AM


Winter News

Winter is here and we are happy to spice it up by being included in Soul & Salsa Magazine’s Winter Edition ! Golden Plume’s Rainbow Agate Necklace landed a place on the pages of their unique holiday gifts article with the likes of Badgley Mischka and other talents:

soul and salsa coverage


Keeping with the winter theme we recently created an icy cold (but dangerously hot) Diamond Quartz Statement Necklace to be worn on HBO’s addicting vampire saga, True Blood. We sure hope Vampire Pam or Tara romps around in our handcrafted piece:

true blood

Finally as you know we were working feverishly to finish 100 of our Agate and Quartz Statement Bracelets for the upcoming Golden Globes in January. Every celebrity attending the event will be receiving one of these beauties to take home:


It took over 7 hours to create 100 of these by hand. Luckily I had the most amazing helpers. They even blessed each one with good L.A. vibes:


In addition the celebrities at the Globes will also get a chance to poise with (and purchase) our Emerald Agate necklace. (check back for photos in January):

globes banner

golden globes pr web

Happy Winter! Interested in our jewelry?  Order now for December delivery.

November full of Joy

This month has kicked off right! Last night we attended the Raw Natural Born Artists Semi finalists awards in West Hollywood, as a nominee and had an extraordinary time meeting other fellow accessory designers including the winner, incredibly talented, Joolz Hayworth!

In prep for the show we had one of the best photo shoots ever with new designs made specially for the event. As you know by now in addition to designing and creating the jewelry I also shoot all the photos with my lovely model friends! It always ends up being lots of fun. Just hanging with friends shooting new work, music playing, laughter and beauty abound! Here are some photos from our past shoot with my model/friend Laura. Also don’t forget to check out the new pieces on the website:


We are going the Golden Globes that is!

Lots in the pipeline, one of the most exciting things happening now, we were invited to gift at the upcoming 2013 Golden Globes! We have been plugging away creating by hand, over 100 small pieces that will be gifted to the celebrities and press attending the Globes! In addition to our gift bags we will have a representative at the Globes to show the celebrities our work and have them take photos with our display pieces! We are hard at work dreaming up the jewelry we will be creating for our display! The display will be created from pieces of salvaged wood and a lot of manual labor! The pieces of jewelry for the display will likely be created exclusively for the Globes using mother of pearl, gold and turquoise eco-friendly materials (perhaps the ring above as well). We will certainly share photos with you once we get everything to the Globes in January!

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Fantastic color on a gorgeous lady – Nia Peeples !

This just in Nia Peeples looks fantastic in vibrant color! A few months ago we carefully selected bright fun materials and got to work on hand-crafting celebrity worthy stone and gold creations for Nia! Drawing on inspiration from Nia’s appearances in Pretty Little Liars and publicity photos we were drawn to creating her jewelry in bold hues that would compliment her perfect olive complexion and dark features. Once we were finished and happy with our workmanship we carefully packaged up and sent over the pieces to Nia via our membership to the fabulous Artisan Group ( A true testament to the amazing character and beauty of Nia we got a tweet this evening from the lovely Nia!:

Not only do our Turquoise and gold ring and Green Leather Agate earrings looks AMAZING on her but she looks positively radiant in such vibrant color! Don’t you agree? A big thank you to Nia for her generosity to handmade artists exhibited in this lovely tweet which meant the world! So excited to see our adornments on her!  Also, check out Pretty Little Liars on TV you never know what handmade jewelry might appear on the show, she said so herself! 😉

Silver state of mind



Over the last 6 months we have concentrated solely on creating gold. Whether that be for clients, in marketing our line or simply our mantra. Wildly successful among many, gold is just fun to wear however we couldn’t help thinking that we were leaving something out, that something happen to be silver. Last month we were lucky enough to get a custom order that opened our eyes to the power of silver. We created these triangle earrings as a favor for a customer who already owned the gold version. Ever since then we have been in love! We even listed them for sale on our website. Thus dawned our newest adventures a collection named simply, silver fox. It’s still in its early stages but silver lovers can rejoice to know most of all our creations can be duplicated in silver!


MENS STERLING SILVER PERSONALIZED BRACELET to keep up with our latest silver creations as they come. Contact us for a custom silver order!

Featured Handmade Artist Thursday: Young Swan Designs

This week’s artist Deborah Yun is truly doing what she loves most in life, capturing unforgettable images through her camera lens. Originally from Guam, Deborah now resides in California and we are lucky to have her talent here! The photos she takes from around the world, for her company Young Swan Designs, are truly special. We are partial to the beautiful moments she captures of Southern California at its most magical times. We asked Deborah, fellow The Artisan Group ( member, a few questions to get to know what inspires her gorgeous work:

Tell us how you got started.

It all started trying to capture the beautiful ocean landscapes and cloudscapes of Guam, the island where I was born. My love for photography blossomed further during my time in Italy where I studied drawing and painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence. My artist mentor at the time, Filippo Rossi, expressed that my photographs were fearless while my drawings were timid. It was the first time I saw photography as a serious medium and transitioned from canvas and paints to cameras and pixels.

What equipment and materials do you use?

When shooting analog I love using black and white Tri-X film and being in the darkroom to create my prints. When shooting digital I use my Canon 5D Mark II.What inspires your work?

Many things from European cities with vibrant culture, rich history and beautiful architecture to the ocean, floral landscapes and patterns in nature inspire me.

What are some of your favorite photos? 

“Timeless Paris” I love this work because it captures this timelessness I felt while wandering the streets of Paris. It is also one of a kind—I used alternative photography processes in the darkroom that produce unique results where no two prints are identical.

“Cloudy Venice” The story behind the makings of this piece is one of the reasons why it is one of my favorites. I was driving around in Venice, CA and saw this dark, gloomy cloud looming over the city… but on an incredibly sunny day! It was quite the juxtaposition. I luckily happened to have my camera loaded with color film so I pulled a U-turn and headed straight for the beach!

“Fall Up”

The colors and details in this print are extraordinary, especially on the metallic paper I use. It reminds me of looking through a kaleidoscope. It was the most popular piece at a recent art show I did and looks best as a large print.

Any other cool facts about your shop and you as an artist? 

The name “Young Swan Designs” was inspired by the story of the Ugly Duckling. It is one of my favorite classic children’s books, reminding us all to follow our truth no matter how long it takes or how arduous our path. Apparently, Hans Christian Anderson considered naming the title of his book “Young Swan.” I named my studio “Young Swan Designs” because I am still in this journey of being an artist. As much as I love photography and traveling, I enjoy learning languages. I speak Japanese, Korean, Italian and am currently learning French.

For more on Deborah and Young Swan Designs make sure to visit these links:

Twitter: @youngswandesign


Everyday I try to search out new and inspiring visual quotes to read right before creating new designs. They really help me focus and find the depth needed to envision and execute creative adornments for you!  Here is a sampling of some of my favorite ones, hopefully they will inspire you in your own work […]

Featured Handmade Artist Thursday: Emerald Snow

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Paulina is todays featured handmade artist and there is good reason for that. As an artist Paulina pours her soul into each creation she makes for Emerald Snow, her online etsy shop. Each piece of her art reflects an inner flame of creativity influenced by central Europe, where she lives, and what looks to be a wildly rich inner self! Enjoy getting to know this truly wonderful artist:

How did you get started?

My name’s Paulina, I come from central Europe, Slovaka. I started with printmaking when I was 17, but with art I started when I was five. Now I’m graduading the Academy of Fine Arts in your capital, where is a well formed tradition of printmaking. So I can tell, that I was influenced my slovak world known illustrators, because when I was child I used to read a lot of books with them illustrations.

I love the physical-ness of printmaking techniques: painting, drawing, scratching, scraping, incising, gouging, sanding, polishing, rolling and wiping ink on the plates and then cranking them through a press.
I love the graphic print quality and the ability to make multiples of a single image; printmaking helps to make collecting original art more accessible to all.

The second part of my work is focused on painting. I prefer acrylic, last time I’m experimenting with a new polygonal shapes of frames, it shifted my work to the another dimension

What materials do you use?

Most of my artworks are focused on printmaking- there I use paper and printing colors, but I love the sketch with markers and pencils as well.
Regarding to painting I prefer painting with acrylics on canvas.

What inspires you?

Random things around me. I love details.
Last time I was strongly inspired by the book of Clarissa Pinkola Estés- Women who run with the wolves.

What are your favorite pieces?

Honestly, I have a deep relationship to all of my works. because all of them was made with love and deep passion. I really enjoy my the very last cycle of paintings which I made on polygonal canvas frames.

Any other cool facts about your shop and you as an artist?

Yes. 🙂 Maybe someone could be interested about my other interests and passions. I love healthy lifestyle; I’m raw foodist, training the martial arts and love travelling!

To learn more about Paulina and Emerald Snow visit these links: