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Reinvented for the Holidays!

Reinvented for the Holidays!

As the holiday season gets close we have been adjusting some of our most popular holiday gifts to make sure they smile even brighter this year. The personalized bracelets have always been a popular holiday gift for dads, husbands and brothers. Customers can personalize their favorite and special names, dates, coordinates and symbols on a customizable palette of either silver or gold, and a selection of several suede colors. We are always striving to make our jewelry durable (especially for the men). After some great feedback we decided to swap out the eye hook with a super durable 14K gold or Sterling Silver lobster clasp that hooks on and wont EVER unhook. SWEET. The bracelet definitely looks pretty amazing now. We thank all our awesome customers for your amazing suggestions and can’t wait to make more of these custom, unique and heartfelt bracelets for the holidays.

Oh and don’t forget we are having a big 50% off sale on our website from Black Friday to Cyber Monday! See our website for details:



Attention Free-Spirited Men, you like?

A time comes when you realize that men love fashion just as much as women. Most of the opposite sex may not be as vocal about their secret love for fashion as women however they do care and not only do they care they lust! Recently my partner was eyeing a magazine ad for watches. I never thought of him as an accessories man but as I watched him tear out the page and fold it into his pocket, I knew his secret! Something told me he may not get that watch but he would definitely get some GOLDEN PLUME! After playing around with a few ideas I came up with this hammered gold and leather look. We hammered in a few significant numbers and poof the first Golden Plume piece for men, this bracelet, was born.

As of today, he fiddles, he stares at and he plays with his bracelet all day long, I watch, this to me says it all, he’s in love with his new bracelet….. Making my point, men DO like fashion, accessories and of course Golden Plume’s new Men’s Leather & Gold Bracelet 🙂