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Artists unite, celebrity power!

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Recently Golden Plume was accepted into the Artisan Group, a group for handmade artists to gift to celebrities at events like the CMAS and the Oscars. We are so happy to be apart of such an elite and interesting organization for artists to get amazing exposure for their handmade local craft. As of late the group has offered several one-off gifting to celebrities like Ryan Gosling and Jordan Sparks. Garnering great success, many celebrities who receive their gift bags reach out via twitter and other social platforms to thank the artists for their generosity. This is why I’m jumping over the moon with excitement for a fantastic opportunity given to Golden Plume. Tomorrow I will personally create and package a few fab Golden Plume adornments for Ms. Jenny McCarthy! The Artisan Group will be gifting some handmade goodies to Jenny in a few weeks and Golden Plume will be included!! We are very excited for her to receive our pieces and perhaps wear them around town.

Aiming for a simplistic look, since Jenny seems to wear little jewelry in her photo appearances, we have designed a healing stone necklace made of rose quartz for Jenny and of course we will send  her a pair of our Golden Triangle Earrings just for a fun night out.

This is  a great opportunity and we are truly thankful to The Artisan Group. If you get a chance check them out by clicking the icon below, they have some wonderful photos of celebrities wearing handmade items!