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Raw Artists in Lala Land!

Its been quite a busy month my apologies for not writing! We have been gearing up to be a featured artist in the RAW NATURAL BORN ARTIST: LA show “Provocations” on October 11th at the Mayan in downtown LA. Around 40 amazing artists from all genres of creativity (film, painting, fashion, hair, makeup, etc.) are going to be displaying themselves to quite a large audience. Golden Plume (my handmade jewelry company) was chosen to be included with three other jewelry designers in the fashion accessories category. It’s such an honor! The prep for the show has been on our minds since we got the invite. From salvaging old shipping crates to create unique displays for our jewelry to creating bold loud pieces that will stand out in the magical dark and mystical venue The Mayan it has been a lot of fun!

Last Friday we got a walk through of the The Mayan and were instantly transported back to our days of clubbing on the NYC scene. It was a large venue with loads of secret passages and ancient decor abound. As we sorted out among the artists who would set up where and what fashion designers wanted to work with which hair artists for the runway shows I took a deep breath in and decided this was going to be a big deal come the show date! Excitement!

If you happen to be in the LA area on October 11th make sure to grab a ticket.  Tickets are $15 and support Golden Plume and the RAW Artists organization. To purchase your Provocations ticket follow the information below*

Hope to see you there!

Getting our sign ready for the show Spray painting it all gold!

All done! Now to mount them on a board with our gold feather!

One of the bold pieces we designed to stand out at the RAW Show!

Another piece designed for the RAW show! Quartz fused with agate.

An old shipping crate we are turning into funky jewelry display. BEFORE Picture!

With some TLC and chalk paint we gave four of these panels new life! Will be hanging jewelry from them at the show!

Staking out the Mayan Venue with the other talented artists for our show October 11th!

My assistant in front of the fully stocked bar at the Mayan that will be open the night of the show! PS our booth is right next to it!

Come join us in all the fun! Purchase your tickets by clicking the icon and following the simple directions below:

Tickets are $15 each and can be purchased through our profile on the RAW ARTISTS website. The show is October 11th from 7-11 at the Mayan 1038 South Hill Street, Downtown Los Angeles. Cocktail attire. 21 + to enter. The show includes cocktails, fashion show, tons of handmade artists selling and displaying their work, film presentations, hair and makeup demos and more! Over 40 artists will be presenting. Including me and my company Golden Plume Handcrafted Jewelry!  Come out, looks to be a good time filled with lots of incredible people!

To purchase your tickets follow these instructions:

Click the Provocations image above or visit Golden Plume’s profile page:

Towards the middle of the screen above my product photos and in between the I AM RAW and Provocations images is a link that says ” Featured Artist 10/11/12 buy a ticket for this artist” simply click on this, make sure Golden Plume Handcrafted Jewelry is selected in the drop down window of artist you are supporting and follow the instructions to pay the $15 ticket fee via paypal (that accepts all types of credit cards without logging in). You will receive a confirmation email and your name will be at the door when you arrive!

Thanks for supporting handmade and come visit our booth at the show right across from the main bar, you can’t miss us!



Gratitude and the Zodiac

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Over the past half a year, since starting my handmade jewelry company and selling on, I have had the great pleasure of creating jewelry for a fantastic variety of customers. Some looking for special gifts for friends and loved ones, others a custom piece to help celebrate their special day, and others just looking for a heartfelt and handmade piece of jewelry for their own collection! All of the positive support for our brand really inspires me to wake up each morning excited to design and create!

As a special thank you for a wonderful year thus far, we want to give our 100th customer a custom Zodiac necklace free with their purchase:

As of right now we are 4 sales away from 100! So very close to you becoming the lucky 100~

Good luck to all and THANK YOU for all the wonderful support of our local handmade shop.

Shop our designs and become our 100th customer here:

Golden Plume goes fab!

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This Sunday we will be featured on for a three-day 55% off sale. Besides being super-duper excited about the sale we are also giddy over the recent photo shoot we had at two different locations in Los Angeles to use on’s website.

Regalia modeling our Turquoise and Gold Chain headpiece and Turquoise Paw Necklace.

Having national exposure on a heavily viewed website gave us the fun excuse to plan a photo-shoot. Being a film student in my early career, pre-jewelry design, I decided to take the camera and cast a few of my closest girl pals to be the fantastic Golden Plume models. Both ladies work in fashion here in LA, so it was easy to get the perfect outfits for our free-spirited jewelry’s esthetic. The locations were obvious picks as well, a house in the “hollywood hills” with romantic gardens and sweeping views of Los Angeles and of course we wanted to convey the feeling of the California sun and sand, so the beach was the spot to be. Both models had such different and interesting beauty that fit perfectly with their surroundings. The jewelry we chose for them equally matched their vibe and aesthetic. Whitney, a free-spirited modern bohemian woman, looked great in our Rosewood and Gold Chain Headpiece while Regalia, a modern exotic beauty, rocked the Jade and Gold Feather Earrings like no other!

Regalia wearing our Korean Jade and Gold Feather Earrings

Photo-shoots are definitely a load of work between shooting for several hours, making sure the jewelry and vibe of the brand are captured just right, editing all the photos and narrowing down from so many great choices but it’s also so much fun!!! So much fun that we wonder if once the sale is over next Wednesday, if we couldn’t just have another shoot for fun!?! After all who doesn’t love to play dress up, dance around and laugh with good friends?

Whitney having a good laugh in our Cracked Crystal and gold Necklace. Available for over half off this Sunday on

Check back this weekend as we launch the sale! In the meantime here are some more photos of the fruits of our labor:

Whitney is wearing our Rosewood and Gold Chain Headpiece with Turquoise Ring.

Regalia looks absolutely amazing wearing our Turquoise Magnesite Nugget Dangle Earrings.

Boho Chic, a beacon among the chaos

When creating a piece for Golden Plume I usually just get wild and grab every single bead in site, spread them out, pump some Bon Iver tunes, turn the phone off  and experiment! Recently I was asked what goes into my creation process, how do I do it? Stumped at first, I really had to dig deep to get the words out. After all I really don’t draw a design like a typical clothing or shoe designer and rarely do I ever go to a gem show knowing exactly what I need to complete a piece, usually just reaching for eye-catching, unique materials. I would say the only thing that keeps my design process logical and in any sane manner would be the basic ideals under which I breathe & live fashion and style: Boho Chic. When up in the studio pushing around massive amounts of beads, wire, gold, stone and leather on a giant table the one thing that is always in the back of my mind is that the jewelry must live up to the  fun-loving nature of the boho chic lady/man while still being able to wear the adornment out to a fancy party. A tall order to fill but simply envisioning a muse, a simple chic, unique, free-spirited woman helps guide me through the beautiful chaos of the creation process. After all even artists need structure to make it through to the other side and find their way to a complete design:

Happy Saturday.

For more:

A Birthday gift to all!

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Birthday’s are just more fun to celebrate with everyone else! An overwhelming amount of friends and family have purchased Golden Plume today, it being my 29th birthday! Keeping with the spirit I wanted to share Golden Plume’s friends and family discount with all you wonderful bloggers out there! Today all Golden Plume fans can redeem this coupon for 15% off any item in my shop. Click here to start shopping 🙂 Thanks for celebrating with me! Cheers to birthdays!



Attention Free-Spirited Men, you like?

A time comes when you realize that men love fashion just as much as women. Most of the opposite sex may not be as vocal about their secret love for fashion as women however they do care and not only do they care they lust! Recently my partner was eyeing a magazine ad for watches. I never thought of him as an accessories man but as I watched him tear out the page and fold it into his pocket, I knew his secret! Something told me he may not get that watch but he would definitely get some GOLDEN PLUME! After playing around with a few ideas I came up with this hammered gold and leather look. We hammered in a few significant numbers and poof the first Golden Plume piece for men, this bracelet, was born.

As of today, he fiddles, he stares at and he plays with his bracelet all day long, I watch, this to me says it all, he’s in love with his new bracelet….. Making my point, men DO like fashion, accessories and of course Golden Plume’s new Men’s Leather & Gold Bracelet 🙂

Late Night Design Flows

The last few days I dove deep into the design side of Golden Plume. Taking a step away from my computer, accounting books and other distractions, stripping away everything but jewelry supplies, tools and my hands. Romantic idea however it took about 10 hours to really get into the groove. The first day consisted of drinking coffee, staring at my collection of  beads, stones, chain etc and realizing I needed more materials to spark a creative impulse. Four bead shops and supplier warehouses later and I was finally  ready to roll. Ready to roll  and get creating at 10pm. 10 pm an hour when most were turning out the lights and getting ready for dreaming hour. I had to remind myself, a wise person once said ‘never stop when you are feeling inspired, it’s a rare and coveted gift you might not always be able to summon at a whim’. So I hunkered down and let the designs flow! Hours rolled on into the early morning as I churned out earrings, rings & pendants. It was magical, stones and wire everywhere. By 4 am I heard the footsteps of my puppy coming to check up on his person, a bit confused he gave me the “ok, I think that it is way past your bedtime” look and with that I realized I needed to shut down the creation flow for a little recharge! To my happy surprise the creative flow returned the following eve. As I slowly come down from the high of creation, I couldn’t be more happy reflecting on the wee hours of the morning with nothing but quiet and flow. Now it’s time for some much-needed sleep!

Here are a few basic photos of the items born from the “flow” (all available on Etsy later tonight):

Exclamation Drop Earrings Blue Puff Jade and Turquoise Stone

Exclamation Drop Earrings- Blue Puff Tiger Eye and Turquoise Stone

Mykonos Copper coated ceramic stud earrings

Mykonos Copper & Ceramic Stud Earrings

Golden Peacock Chandelier Earrings

Golden Peacock Chandelier Earrings

Note: The Mykonos earrings are available in very limited supply due to the special material so keep an eye out on Etsy!

Happy day!