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Happy Holidays from Golden Plume!

Happy Holidays from Golden Plume!

A huge hug for all those who purchased your holiday gifts from us this year! We wish you and your family much joy and love and hope everyone loves their handcrafted gift that sits under the christmas tree! xo GP In observance of the holiday all orders placed from 12/23-12/31 will be shipped out the first week in January! Happy New Year!

Crazy about Turquoise

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This last month has been quite exciting! Between our sale which we sold and created over 70 pieces of jewelry and our creating products for a McDonald’s commercial,celebrities Jenny McCarthy and Nia Peeples and new designs for you, we are putting down the pliers today and resting our little hands for a bit!

This mini timeout has led to some fun reflection and much-needed catch up. Cataloguing all our latest creations, upgrading our packaging design and creating new displays for our market and craft shows have been among this day’s fun tasks. The icing on the cake thou is getting to try on and play with all our TURQUOISE adornments created over the last few months! Turquoise rings, Turquoise necklaces, Turquoise earrings, can we say Turquoise mania! Living near the beach it’s so natural to want to wear such a gorgeous stone but now that it’s summer time I believe everyone could use some Turquoise incorporated into their sun soaked wardrobe! What do you think, to Turquoise or not to Turquoise, that is the question?

To shop our handmade Turquoise adornments click here

Handmade Thursday: Spotlight on Spontaneous Reality

Happy handmade Thursday! For the third week of our Featured Handmade Artist series we ask you to spread your wings and fly. Meet Spontaneous Reality, a free-spirited, positive energy, folksy, handmade adornment collection. Think feathers, headpieces and good vibes. We interviewed the infectiously positive being, Nicole about her inspiration, creations and beyond. Here’s what Nicole had to say:

Tell us a bit about your shop and your style?

Spontaneous Reality creates naturalistic adornment for free-spirited folk. Collections consist of bespoke headpieces with natural earth crystals, mystical capes and other treasures added spontaneously. Every single piece is individually hand crafted using natural elements, found objects & collected vintage treasures, carefully fused together. Due to the spontaneous nature of creation, no two pieces are the exactly the same. Making each piece a amulet specifically for the free-spirited wearer.
Spontaneous Reality’s adornments communicate through style, the essence of a free spirit…”My treasures engage the wearer to dance, play & dream, by connecting with the earth through magical adornment, in awareness that we are all free spirits, together dancing under one sky”.

How did you get started on your super cool handmade journey?

During 2009, a transformational time in my life, where I discovered the beauty in every moment and devoted my life & creations to flow freely from my heart, thus Spontaneous Reality was born. I manifest adornment from my heart for free spirited folk, what I create evolves as I do. In the beginning I was creating custom headpieces for myself & friends, and by the end of that year I was selling in markets, festivals & boutiques around London. The first collection consisted of hand dyed silk bohemian headbands, my style has remained true to the label but processes of creation has been refined over the years. This year I’m focusing on designing goddess headpieces to empower all feminine energies to shine.

What are your favorite materials to use?

Individually crafting each piece through my own hands is an important & magical process for me. Being a creator constantly in motion, traveling is part of my nature. This process allows me to collect & find amazing pieces to fuse into my creations. Treasures mainly consist of recycled, natural and vintage objects which all carry a resonance of the place & time they came from. Using environmentally friendly materials to design is more than a job for me, it is a way of life! Living simply and in tune with nature is the essence of being for me, which translates to everything I create.

What inspires you?

All manner of beings in the natural world are my main inspiration for creation. Spending time in the forest or near a water source and deeply connecting opens up a world of possibilities. Travel also is an amazing source of inspiration for me, adventuring into the unknown, meeting amazing people & hearing wonderful stories, learning folk craft traditions, expanding my awareness by deeply connecting to places which leaves a lasting effect on me.

What are your favorite pieces from your collection?

I believe it would have to be the brass goddess headpieces. I’ve had the vision to create them for a while, and I’m so happy to see them manifested. The process is my favorite part. Drawing the designs onto metal, then sawing the brass, hammering the metal is like massaging style into it, then weaving sparkles, feathers and crystals to finish each piece. It’s still such a magical process to see raw materials be transformed before your eyes, I love it.

What else makes you tick?

 I’m a deeply spiritual person, so when working with all materials I gently offer appreciation to their essence before hand. It’s sort of a ritual process of my work. I charge all the crystals under different moon phases before I work & send them to customers. In this way I try to evoke a magical quality to everything I create.

Something people don’t know about me as an artists is…I collect plant seeds from around the world. I’ve been collecting for more than a year now, and I’m completely addicted to it!

Connect with Nicole and her wonderful creations here: – Web – Shop – Facebook – Twitter – Studio Blog

International Gem Show = Design Heaven

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As you know Golden Plume is all about gold and natural stones creations. As you can imagine when I heard about the Natural Gem Fair rolling into town I was hands down gitty! The idea of coming home with bags of gems and natural stone to create jewelry with made me feel like this could be the best day ever.

On sunday I attended the International Gem Show in Santa Monica, California. I can honestly say the second I stepped into the Civic Center auditorium which was hosting this lavish event I was elated with excitement.

Hundreds of vendors from all around the world set up their tables, packed full of sparkling, glittering gemstones and natural beads. Like a kid in a sugar factory I just danced from table to table with glee. Gold painted Amethyst, Quartz the size of a dining room table, precious stones from Africa, Brazil and Asia all lined the rows we walked.  My boyfriend was there to restrain any purchases that would lead to buyer’s remorse later however I was able to snag some incredible finds for Golden Plume’s latest spring line. From balls of gold flaked Pyrite from Australia to hand cut Amazonite beads from Brazil It’s safe to say I scored some seriously exciting materials to create necklaces and earrings abound.

Today is finally the day I can sit down and start designing with these truly unique gems and I’m super excited to commence the process and share with you the final products on Golden Plume’s Etsy shop. Stay tuned! In the meantime, here are a few photos of this magical show and its wonderful treasures: